Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Busy

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile but I have been a little busy playing with our girls! I picked them up at the airport at about 230 yesterday and brought them home to see their daddy! I don't know who was smiling more daddy or the girls! Kyla has the best seat of the house. She rides around on her daddy's lap in his wheelchair! Kyle says thats one of the perks he has found to his wheelchair. He continues to work hard in therapies and seems to be getting on a schedule. Last night I got to sleep with my two little ones which was so nice. Kyla will not let me out of her sight which does not look good for the flight out. Today we took the girls to the Downtown Aquarium which was really nice the kids enjoyed it. Kyle unfortunately didn't get to go because he has not been cleared for a car pass yet. Tomorrow we will try to take them bowling or something. Kyle's roomate got moved so he now has the entire room to himself until at least Tuesday. Erin, the girls ate all your strawberries, chocolate and brownies. All in all it has been a good day. The girls want to know when daddy will be home and all we can say is soon.
Dayle the girls loved your blankets, they slept with them last night. Thanks to the Rogers Family for the good snacks and thanks to the Farris family for the Scentsy candle warmer it makes the room smell less like a hospital. Well we got to go check the laundry so goodbye. By the way Kyla is potty trained! She went the whole flight and still has not had an accident!

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  1. Good Job Kyla. I'm glad every thing is going so well. Enjoy ur babies.