Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nice Suprise

Well I didn't blog yesterday because I was spending the day with my surprise Veronica! Mindy you guys did good with that one. Today was not as good as the last two have been, having more stomach problems and nausea again! He did get to move to a private room finally. I hope they get this stomach thing ironed out. He missed some classes due to it today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Vargus thanks for the box of goodies, you sent all my favorite! We did talk to the girls they were telling me about Turkey Tea today, they were excited. Today was a long day so this is going to be a short one, so maybe we can get some rest.


  1. I bet you two are gabbing away!!!(Like I never have!!HAHA) Glad Kyle got his own room. I hope he gets to feeling better. Enjoy your company and have a great day!!
    Robert, Janet, & Kids

  2. Kyle and Erica, i am still praying that that stomach of yours will settle down!! Its probably all that orneryness (sp?) trying to get out!! Turkey TEa??? Sounds like they made it specially for Kyle, huh? Stay focused Kyle we miss your sweet face..oh by the way..we are having a brisket dinner to raise money for you had best get wiggling out of this one!! always praying for you both
    the fox