Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Snow Day

Today was a wonderful day. We woke up to a foot of snow. We all went outside, had a snowball fight, made snow angels and a skittle snowman. The girls are so smart, we couldn't find anything for the mouth or buttons for the snowman so they used their skittles! It was so cute. That Brooke is very competitive. She was really getting into the snowball fight, that little turkey. It must be the Myers in her! Went and saw Kyle, he was already up and ready to go. He came to the apartment and ate lunch with us then we went and stretched his legs and he did his homework for OT. He had an ok day, he is still having a lot of nerve pain in his abdominal region, that they all say is normal. They started him on medication for that. He came in taking 2 pills a day and now I can't even count everything he takes, its crazy! After lunch we went and took the girls to this indoor fun park down the road. They had so much fun, I think I had just as good of a time. They jumped in air castles, rode on the farris wheel and train and played all the arcades they could. Afterwards we stopped and grabbed dinner at Chili's. It was good. Let me tell you that Kyla she can eat. She ate a corn dog, her oranges, Brookes oranges, Brooke's quesidillas and some of mamaw's french fries. The waitress was picking up the plates and Kyla grabbed hers and said "I not done yet" we all died laughing. She is too funny. And that Brooke she is so smart. She did all the puzzles on her menu and was busy writing all her letters. It amazes me how much she picks up in so little time. Needless to say the girls, well all of us are wore out and we will probably crash as soon as our head hits the pillow. Kyle will need the rest because starting tomorrow he has class all day long, no naps allowed! Not only that but my girls have to leave tomorrow :( It will be a sad day in CO.


  1. It's wonderful to hear about the great times you've spent with your girls! It's the best kind of medicine, in my opinion. Kyle, we're hoping you have a productive day in therapy and make it through without rest. "Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!" —Psalm 31:24
    Amber Jennings & City View FFA

  2. You go, Brooke! If you're not in it to win, then why be in it?! Hope all is going well for you, Kyle and Erica. I will see you two on Sunday, the 29th --- BE READY!!! :)