Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shower time

Today was a better day. Kyle went to weight lifting this morning and worked out, then for OT he got to go down to the basement and see the shop. The shop is where they do all their welding and metal works projects and the shop supervisor is in a wheelchair himself. You could see Kyle's eyes light up and he said he missed the smell of the shop. Go figure. I think it gave him something to look forward to. We also talked about vehicles for him to drive they said he might have to down size and hes not having it! I am sure we can work something out. During physical therapy they fitted him for a brace he can get wet in the shower, so guess what we can shower him every night now!! Yeah! Hes excited. They set skype up at the shop so maybe tomorrow he will get to see his school kids. I know he will enjoy that. I will probably get in trouble for saying this but he kinda misses those kids.Janet we received your package with all the good movies and wonderful pics. Kyle tried hiding his from me but I finally saw them, he was so cute as a kid. Riverstar thanks so much for the pullover sweatshirts I am excited I even got one! Thank you to the Wrinkle family, Albert and Lurose Schumacher, Dotmama, and Valera Hertel for the cards they were beautiful. We got to see the girls tonight on the computer which was really nice. Kyla bear pottied in the potty most of the day! Yeah for Shelley. She played her Barney over and over and over! Some things never change! Brooke showed us her schoolwork and told us about her and Karley's bus adventures with Jesse. Sounds like they are still having fun! And to Keith, you may have eaten Bara's tonight but I eat Chik Fila everyother day!LOL Well its time for my shows so goodnight.


  1. Kyle,
    Glad to hear you had a better day today. Bryan has some pictures for you too, but they are not of you as a kid (sorry)......He finally found the man with the bed. When you are ready for them give me a call and I will e-mail them to you. Erica, great job with the updates. Hope the rest of the week goes good for you both. Ya'll are still in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love Bryan, Konnie and Kristen

  2. Awwh...that's just dirty, I'm gonna have to drive to Lawton to get Chik-Fil-A now.

    Ask Kyle if they have a CNC Plasma cutter in that shop up there, I need to get a few projects taken care of !!

  3. Kyle and Erica, soooo glad you had a good day!
    A shower everyday and to enjoy the aroma of the was a good day tator!!! I prayed hard it would be...Erica you do such a great job informing us on whats going a time when you could choose to keep it all private you choose to let us in on the good times and the bad times..thanks for understanding how much we love Kyle and we are cheering you both on continuously...sometimes I even wear my spandex cheerleader uniform!!!
    keep fighting
    the fox

  4. That's all wonderful to hear. I know the kids miss Kyle in the shop as well! Keep fighting!

    Amber Jennings & City View FFA