Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Goodbye

Well the girls had to leave one more time and we had to say goodbye one more time. It never gets easier. Hopefully that will be the last goodbye we have to say to them. A little over two weeks and we will be at home hopefully. We have conference on Dec 9,2009 to see if it will be 2 or 3 weeks. Today was a very slow day. After the girls left Kyle went back to his room and went to bed and I headed to the airport to pick up Putze. The airport was really busy today. We got home early and ate lunch with Kyle then he went to bed again and I did laundry all day. We are now ready for bed early and hope to get some sleep. The kids should be calling any minute to tell us they are home. So I will wait for that phone call then hit the sack for a long Monday. Thanks everyone for coming ot see us for the Thanksgiving Holiday we really enjoyed it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Just Being Mommy

Today was another pretty day outside. Probably the last pretty day for a while. It is supposed to get cold and snow on Sunday. To bad the weather man here isn't as bad as the weather man back at home! Well Kyle has had another good day. He did all his therapies today without any problems. In PT he worked on transferring into a car which was difficult for him you could tell, but he went on and did it no problem. In OT he had an easy day and he got to bake chocolate chip cookies. They were really good, the kids enjoyed them. In wheelchair class they played go ball which is kinda like football but in a wheelchair. Keith even got to get in a wheelchair and play on Kyle's team. They lost but I can't say it was their fault. Keith did say he would no longer come to visit on Fridays because this was more work than he bargained for. He said it even hurt to text thats how sore he was! They had fun even if they didn't win.
Kevin and Shelley and their bunch headed back after lunch today, we hope they get home without any problems, thanks for coming to see us! Kyla has been Kyla and Brooke has been sick most of the day, so for most of the day I just got to be mommy which was really nice. I made her some hot chocolate to see if that would make her feel better. Lets hope it works. I think we are all really tired tonight and hopefully we can all rest up. At least we have the weekend off!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Well we had a good thanksgiving. All the family got here without any problems yesterday evening. Kyle has had 2 really good days, I just hope it stays that way for a while. Today we got to eat a good thanksgiving meal here together, which was really nice. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends who have opened up their hearts to us during this very rough time in our lives, we would not be where we are if it weren't for the support of you all. I am thankful for the 2 best kids in this whole world, Kyla and Brooke. You two are my heart. You are the strongest kids I know. I love you more than you will ever know. I am thankful for the best husband in the entire world. I am thankful that god has let us continue on this journey we started 8 years ago. Love you and I know we will get through this as we have everything else, I am here for you no matter what. I am thankful to the good lord that I have a wonderful job that is understanding enough to let me be off and share in Kyle's recovery in Colorado.
Kyle was off all day today but will start back to work in the am. We took the girls bowling for the first time. They really enjoyed it. After the second game the adults were ready for it to be over, but some things you do because your kids enjoy it not so much you. Well its just me and kyla, brooke left us for nana so I am going to try to get the little one to bed. Goodnight

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost Here

So Thanksgiving is almost here and we are ready! I can't wait to see my kiddos! They are leaving at 6 am tomorrow on Keith's watch so about 8am on our watch Kyle says.LOL
Today Kyle did ok he got up and went to all his classes we looked at house modifications we need to make and he got to talk to some people about different resources to help get him back to work! I guess it was a pretty productive day. I got all of our laundry done today so I won't have to do it when the girls are here. Now we just wait.We have our next conference with the team on Dec. 9,2009. They will tell us then if we will meet our discharge date, which I am pretty sure we are not going to do. I think they are shooting for Dec. 23, 2009. Still before christmas hopefully. The bone scan came out negative which was wonderful, now if we can just get his bowels controlled!
Well we are going to try to watch The Biggest Loser so we will talk to yal again tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cold Day

Today was a little better for Kyle. He got up and had to go to get his bone scan done early, we still have not heard the results of it, the Dr. should let us know something tomorrow. He also had another x-ray on his stomach which showed that he was still backed up, so they started the laxatives all over again. Maybe some day soon we will get his bowels under control because it is very frustrating. He had a good day in PT he got to get up in the standing frame again, and he did really well. Afterwards he went to chair class which was interesting. He had to go down about 3 blocks in his chair to the grocery store and back and it was so cold. The temp was 41 degrees but with the windchill it was more like 31. I should have stayed here, but I thought it would be good exercise, instead I just froze my butt off. Keith we got your package the caramel popcorn was good and the shirts were exactly what I wanted, however the stickers make Kyle very dangerous down here. Craig better watch out, the new name might have to be changed to KM! Haha. Kyle said his massage went well, they didn't ask him to strip down, so it was all good. He ate a good supper and is now in bed watching what else but football! We received the beautiful album book of our girls from Delong Digital in Quanah, if you guys like good pictures you should go by and see her, her prices are the cheapest around and her pictures are awesome, I just got the cutest book made from her of my girls and it was so good. Thanks Kelly you out did yourself! Well I need to start cleaning out the apartment before everyone gets here so I better get to work. Goodnight.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football, Football and More Football..

Today was a relativetly slow day. Kyle beat me out of bed, which doesnt usually happen. I was really tired. Then we watched lots of football. I will be so glad when football is over! I like some football, such as my Cowboys but that is about all. I hear the mighty moguls pulled out a win last night. Congrats Kyle and I were cheering you guys on. Well since we got here Denver has lost every game, they say we are bad luck, I say they are just showing their true colors! Nate came by and told Kyle goodbye this morning. It was good to see him. Kyle and I basically just watched T.V. all day. O I forgot I beat him in Skipbo which was nice. He says I cheated and should be ashamed for beating someone who is handicapped! I didn't feel bad at all, I hardly ever win against him, so I am going to rub it in. Maybe tomorrow I can beat him in dominoes. I doubt he will have time tomorrow, its Monday and his schedule is pretty full. On the upside he is scheduled for a massage at 5pm. It must be nice..
The girls, Nana and Apaw get to come back and see us for Thanksgiving along with Keith and his family, Shannon's Family, and Kevin's family. It looks like it will be a nice Thanksgiving after all. I know Kyle is ready to see all of them. Well I am going to try and see if I can watch my music awards while Kyle sleeps. Erin you ready to take bets on who wins..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Change

Well today was about like yesterday as far as the same old stomach problems. He was nauseated all day and didn't really get out of bed. He did hopefully get caught up on some much needed rest. However I now have a stomach bug that is killing me. I'm sure it feels nothing like Kyle's but it hurts none the less. I think I might go to bed early and try to rest up.
I had to take Veronica to the airport this morning. I had a good time with her and I was glad she could come out and see me. Nate showed up today at noon. Kyle was so glad to see him. He needed a good friend, and who better than Nate Dawg! He is staying tonight and will fly out tomorrow at lunch. Short trip but much needed.
The kids had a good time today. Today was Kyle's god-daughter Kamryn's 4th birthday! Happy birthday Kamryn Nicole, we miss and love you tons, hope you had a good one. The girls take Christmas Pictures tomorrow, wish I was there, but I know they will take a cute picture.
We are going to cut this one short and try to go to sleep. Goodnight

Friday, November 20, 2009

Emotional Day

Today was a little better than yesterday.I think I can honestly say that yesterday was the worst day we have had so far! Not only was Kyle physically tired, but he was emotionally tired! He told me last night that he thought he would just quit! I told him I wouldn't let him. We had a lot of information thrown on us yesterday and I think it was the straw that broke the camel's back. He was angry, upset, frustrated and sad all in one. I wish I could make things better, but it hurts to know I just can't. I can't tell him I understand or know what he is going through. All I can do is listen and it just doesn't seem to be enough. The Dr. told us that because of Kyle's level of injury, his bowels and stomach may not get much better. The nerves to his bowels and stomach are just badly damaged, its not hopeless but it may be as good as it gets.That was the first bad news, the second was that Kyle may have developed HO. HO is short for a long medical term that I can't spell. They say that when the body is injured it produces bone cells that happen to gather and grow in the wrong spot his they think is in his Left hip. It causes redness, swelling and can really flare up and cause pain. Fortunately Kyle hasn't complained of much pain in that area but his leg is swollen. They will do a bone scan on Monday and they will know for sure. If it is HO then he will be on medicine for 6 months. After that news I think he lost it. When his accident happened I remember him asking the usual question, why me? Last night he said, what did I do to make God hate me so much that nothing can seem to go my way. I simply said God doesnt hate you at all, in fact he loves you so much, he spared your life for reasons only he knows. I do believe soon God will show us the plan he has for him and our family. I just have to keep reminding him to keep his faith and love for Christ and not to doubt him, fore when he is ready he will show us his plans. He seemed to be ok with my answer and he fell asleep soon after. It has been tough, but it always gets worse before it gets better. I just hope the better is coming soon, I don't know how much more of the bad we can withstand.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nice Suprise

Well I didn't blog yesterday because I was spending the day with my surprise Veronica! Mindy you guys did good with that one. Today was not as good as the last two have been, having more stomach problems and nausea again! He did get to move to a private room finally. I hope they get this stomach thing ironed out. He missed some classes due to it today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Vargus thanks for the box of goodies, you sent all my favorite! We did talk to the girls they were telling me about Turkey Tea today, they were excited. Today was a long day so this is going to be a short one, so maybe we can get some rest.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stand Tall

Today was probably the best day Kyle has had here. Today everything kinda seemed to flow and his pain and nausea seemed to subside. We are hoping for many more days like this. Kyle got a new roomate, needless to say he is already requesting a private room if that tells you anything. Kyle got up this am went to weightlifting again, then went to mat class where he does all his stretches. After stretching he got to play bowling on the wii and was super excited when he beat all those young kids! He says he still has it! Then he had physical therapy with Kate, who is awesome, she doesn't take any of his crap she just dishes it back. Today he gave her a hard time about being blonde while she got him up in the standing frame. And today for the first time he stood up a complete 90 degrees! It was so nice to see him standing up again, even if it was with assistance. They will do this about 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Then we went to lunch me, him and annelle. After lunch we had education class on stress. Then it was his favorite occupational therapy with Deepa who is even worse then Kate. She doesn't wait for him to say anything, she dishes it instead which is funny. Needless to say they keep him in line and don't let him get away with much! She worked with him on transfers to a regular bed so he will be used to it when he gets home. Last but not least he had chairclass which was interesting. He had an obstacle course he had to go threw which he said kicked his butt! He had to go up and down stairs in his wheelchair, they worked on curbs and ramps. Lets just say he is exhausted and should rest easy tonight. Which is a good thing considering his day starts even earlier tomorrow with the Urologist!
Cathy we saw your sister yesterday and she told us lots of interesting stories about you and David. Kyle said you just wait till he sees you!
Well because Kyle's day starts early so dose mine so goodnight and see talk to you tomorrow!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sad Day

Well today was a sad day. Our girls had to go back home today. I think they did better than we did. Kyla was so confused she thought I was going with her. I bawled like a baby. I just heard from Shelley she said the flight home was not as good as the one here. Poor Brooke she threw up on the entire way home from OK City. Shelley said she felt so bad. I sure hope the ride home is beter than the flight. Believe me after my plane ride I feel her pain. They should get home at about midnight. Kyle had a good day today considering it was his first full day. He did well in all his therapies and he got to order his wheelchair. Guess what color he ordered, yup red and black. The girls will be happy its Tech Tech like Kyla would say. Annelle just got here about an hour ago. Kyle says he is wore out and is going to bed early tonight. Maybe he will sleep good. I hope my babies get home safe. I had such a good time with them. I already miss them so much. I only have to make it 2 weeks then they come back for thanksgiving! Yeah! Dotmama sent rice Krispies and more popcorn balls yum! Well tonight is a short one but I am tired and ready for bed so goodnight.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Snow Day

Today was a wonderful day. We woke up to a foot of snow. We all went outside, had a snowball fight, made snow angels and a skittle snowman. The girls are so smart, we couldn't find anything for the mouth or buttons for the snowman so they used their skittles! It was so cute. That Brooke is very competitive. She was really getting into the snowball fight, that little turkey. It must be the Myers in her! Went and saw Kyle, he was already up and ready to go. He came to the apartment and ate lunch with us then we went and stretched his legs and he did his homework for OT. He had an ok day, he is still having a lot of nerve pain in his abdominal region, that they all say is normal. They started him on medication for that. He came in taking 2 pills a day and now I can't even count everything he takes, its crazy! After lunch we went and took the girls to this indoor fun park down the road. They had so much fun, I think I had just as good of a time. They jumped in air castles, rode on the farris wheel and train and played all the arcades they could. Afterwards we stopped and grabbed dinner at Chili's. It was good. Let me tell you that Kyla she can eat. She ate a corn dog, her oranges, Brookes oranges, Brooke's quesidillas and some of mamaw's french fries. The waitress was picking up the plates and Kyla grabbed hers and said "I not done yet" we all died laughing. She is too funny. And that Brooke she is so smart. She did all the puzzles on her menu and was busy writing all her letters. It amazes me how much she picks up in so little time. Needless to say the girls, well all of us are wore out and we will probably crash as soon as our head hits the pillow. Kyle will need the rest because starting tomorrow he has class all day long, no naps allowed! Not only that but my girls have to leave tomorrow :( It will be a sad day in CO.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Busy

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile but I have been a little busy playing with our girls! I picked them up at the airport at about 230 yesterday and brought them home to see their daddy! I don't know who was smiling more daddy or the girls! Kyla has the best seat of the house. She rides around on her daddy's lap in his wheelchair! Kyle says thats one of the perks he has found to his wheelchair. He continues to work hard in therapies and seems to be getting on a schedule. Last night I got to sleep with my two little ones which was so nice. Kyla will not let me out of her sight which does not look good for the flight out. Today we took the girls to the Downtown Aquarium which was really nice the kids enjoyed it. Kyle unfortunately didn't get to go because he has not been cleared for a car pass yet. Tomorrow we will try to take them bowling or something. Kyle's roomate got moved so he now has the entire room to himself until at least Tuesday. Erin, the girls ate all your strawberries, chocolate and brownies. All in all it has been a good day. The girls want to know when daddy will be home and all we can say is soon.
Dayle the girls loved your blankets, they slept with them last night. Thanks to the Rogers Family for the good snacks and thanks to the Farris family for the Scentsy candle warmer it makes the room smell less like a hospital. Well we got to go check the laundry so goodbye. By the way Kyla is potty trained! She went the whole flight and still has not had an accident!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Cooked Meal

We have been so busy that I almost forgot to post something today! Sorry.Kyle had a good day he got up went and lifted weights got his 2nd demo chair and somehow convinced me to make him and Erin homemade enchilidas. I'm such a sucker cause I did it. Boy were they good! We got to listen to a wonderful speaker today who just happens to be a quadrapeligic. He was so good and very positive. Kyle is still working on his powerchair infact he has a plan to switch out the name from his wheelchair to a power chair so they will think it is his! He keeps them on their toes here! Everyone loves him,imagine that. Everyone here is also sporting a KM shirt which is awesome! His spirits seem to get higher and higher the more he does.I know its just going to get better and better! Well better get to bed because I need to rest up for my girls.They will be here in about 15 hours!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brighter Tomorrow

Well Kyle had his procedure done this Am instead of this afternoon because Kyle was throwing up this morning and pretty nauseated. The procedure went well and they said they got good results so they think he should be feeling lots better tomorrow. So he didn't go to any therapies today he just layed in bed. He does say that he feels better so hopefully tomorrow he will get more out of therapy. Kyle wants to congratulate the Vernon FFA kids for advancing to area you guys make him proud! Thanks to the ESA Sorority in Quanah for the gas card, it will come in handy for sure. Got to talk to the girls, Kyla bear was tired but talked tons on the phone. She has really come out of her shell. Brooke showed us the turkey they made for us. It was so cute. 1 1/2 days til I see my babies! Lots of Love, Goodnight.

Technical Difficulties

For those of you that got on this Am to see the new post sorry. Last night after I typed the new blog I went to publish it and it didn't work it just erased it all! Afterwards I couldn't get back on the site, so I will post one now then try and post one tonight to make up. Yesterday was ok. Kyle says he feels like he is back in high school. He goes to weightlifting in the am then goes to education classes during the day and he evens has homework. I told him now he knows what his kids feel like, but he corrected me and said he nevers gives homework and that he doesn't believe in it. Now I know why everyone likes him. He also says that PT and OT are trying to kill him and he is still bribing everyone down here to try to get him a powerchair. He never quits. He got to try a new demo chair. He really liked it. We got to take it outside and test drive it. He will get to try two more this week and then order his favorite on Friday. They have to prepare him as if he is going home tomorrow. He is still getting nasueated and is still pretty full, so they are doing a procedure today to clean him out, so he can start to feel better. We want him feeling at his best when our girls come this weekend. Kyle wants to wish all of his kids the best of luck today at contest! We want to thank Lance and Kim Graf for the beautiful pillow, Kyle absolutely loved it. I tried to take pics for everyone to see but I am having technical difficulties. Thanks to Putze for the Notre Dame sweatshirt, Kyle said you did good. Thanks to Cathy Fox for the box of goodies. Not only were the cookies decorated beautifully but they were good too. Kyle said you even remembered his favorite mints. Thanks to Debbie and Bobby Sosolik for the card and brochure of the Church. The kid on the card reminded me of Kyle, he was soo cute. Kyle said he would keep that card forever, especially since it came from Shorty Kuehler's auction. Thanks to everyone who continues to send cards and prayers they mean a lot to us. O and 2 more days til my munchkins get here!! Yeah!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slow Sunday

Not much happening today. We took Punk to the airport this am. Mary and Billie headed back for texas today, now waiting on Erin to get here. Kyle got up this afternoon. I don't think he feels as good as he did yesterday but still not a bad day. We went to the apartment and watched more football...Today was a pretty slow day all in all. Starting tomorrow his schedule gets pretty full about 5 to 6 classes a day! Busy busy. Then the girls get here Thursday. Yahoo!
Not much to say today.Kyle saw all the pics of his ag kids at work. He was so proud. He always told me you guys were hard workers! Well Kyle is fixin to take a shower so goodbye.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful day

Today was such a beautiful day. Kyle was feeling so much better. He got up this afternoon about the time that Punk got here we went to the apartment and ordered Olive Garden for lunch. Lunch was good we got to watch the fighting irish play football. Then we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was sunny and 70 degrees. Kyle said he felt so much better. I think he enjoyed his day out. Then we all made it to church and apaw even had to bring up gifts here! I guess they notice a grand knight when they see one. Kyle is now back in bed and we are hoping for a good night and an even better tomorrow. We got to see the girls tonight it looks like they were having fun. Kelly, Kylie and Katie were entertaining them and feeding them loads of sugar! They better enjoy it. I heard that Karley dropped the host down the aisle. Its ok Karley Sue, you probably wont be the last. 5 more days til we see the girls! Kyla had not had one accident all day! Ya for her. I am so proud. I feel like she is growing up so much.
Kyle would like to say thanks to all his wonderful ag students who worked so hard to raise money in his name today! You guys mean a lot to him. Also thank you to The Mark Reed family, Hazel Kajs Family, and everyone else who sent cards today, we enjoy reading them. I think we are going to try to go to bed early tonight and rest up.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Test Drive

Well this morning I didn't really feel great so I stayed in bed a little later than usaual. The nurses had to get Kyle ready for his 9 o'clock class. Guess what they couldn't do it. He showed up tp class 30 min late! I guess I can no longer sleep in. Since it was Friday Kyle had a slower day. For OT he played bowling on the wii while he sat on the edge of the mat and tried to balance himself. Because he still didnt have any results with the bowel program, he was pretty nauseated still and didn't eat much. Even with all that going on he got to pick out 3 new wheelchairs and next week he gets to test drive each one for 24 hours so he can choose the one he will order to bring home.After this was done he got to go lay in bed and physical therapy just worked on his muscles in bed. Then they loaded him up with laxatives again for a third day in a row, but tonight it finally worked!! He is now feeling much better and looking forward to doing more tomorrow.We received the blanket from Koon and Kelly Kyle loves it, he says it was actually a mans color! Thanks to the Zeissel Family for all the goodies, Kyle has already started on his second Reese's! Thanks to all who sent even more cards today. Thanks to the Crowell State Bank for all the pics of you guys supporting Kyle wearing those nice looking t-shirts. Kyle said you guys must not have had much to do that day! He says thats a normal day for Stacy Henry! Haven't talked to the girls today becuase we ate late and showered late, I bet they are fine.
Did I mention 6 more days til we get to see our sweet girls!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nana's birthday

This morning started out good. Kyle got up and worked with the occupational therapist and did very well. He does really well in the am, but as the day goes on he gets pretty worn out. Then he had PT after lunch and he really wasn't feeling good. They tried to get him up in the standing frame, but his blood pressure couldn't tolerate it. It just makes you wonder if it ever gets any easier. For him I mean. Will there ever be a day when he gets up and actually has a good day all the way thru, not just a good morning. I hope that day comes soon because lord knows he needs it. Today has been tough emotionally on both of us. The girls went to the football game and got home really tired. Unfortunately Brooke was so tired she started crying and missing us. So when we called she was sad, which tore us both apart. Its so hard to hear her say she misses us and not be able to do anything about it. Shelley says this is the first night she has ever cried, but we knew it was probably coming. It wasn't ten minutes later and she was asleep. We are still counting down the days when we can see those two. I know its bound to make Kyle's recovery better.
To Kevin and Shelley, words can never express how greatful we are for what you are doing with our kids. We will owe you the rest of our lives. You couldn't be doing a better job. The girls seem happy and safe there with you. We just wanted to stop and say thank you and say we notice all the love you give our girls. Shelley hang in there girl I am sure it gets tough but you are a great mom and are doing great. My kids are so lucky to have the family they have. So once again thanks.
Kyle got to talk to some of the kids at school on skype which really lifted his spirits. He needed that. He said that he would be checking in on you guys often.
Thank you to Jeffrey, Lu, Dee, Ambra, Kaylen, and Ben for the Tech gear. It came at the right time, because hardly anyone here knows Tech. Thanks to the Tony Myers Family for the care package Kyle loved all the goodies especially the munchos. You are right the TM farms cap was his favorite. Thank you to all who sent cards, we have gotten so many I can no longer post them, which is amazing.
By the way Nana wants us to let everyone know thanks for all the birthday cards and birthday wishes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shower time

Today was a better day. Kyle went to weight lifting this morning and worked out, then for OT he got to go down to the basement and see the shop. The shop is where they do all their welding and metal works projects and the shop supervisor is in a wheelchair himself. You could see Kyle's eyes light up and he said he missed the smell of the shop. Go figure. I think it gave him something to look forward to. We also talked about vehicles for him to drive they said he might have to down size and hes not having it! I am sure we can work something out. During physical therapy they fitted him for a brace he can get wet in the shower, so guess what we can shower him every night now!! Yeah! Hes excited. They set skype up at the shop so maybe tomorrow he will get to see his school kids. I know he will enjoy that. I will probably get in trouble for saying this but he kinda misses those kids.Janet we received your package with all the good movies and wonderful pics. Kyle tried hiding his from me but I finally saw them, he was so cute as a kid. Riverstar thanks so much for the pullover sweatshirts I am excited I even got one! Thank you to the Wrinkle family, Albert and Lurose Schumacher, Dotmama, and Valera Hertel for the cards they were beautiful. We got to see the girls tonight on the computer which was really nice. Kyla bear pottied in the potty most of the day! Yeah for Shelley. She played her Barney over and over and over! Some things never change! Brooke showed us her schoolwork and told us about her and Karley's bus adventures with Jesse. Sounds like they are still having fun! And to Keith, you may have eaten Bara's tonight but I eat Chik Fila everyother day!LOL Well its time for my shows so goodnight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conference Info

So today was another rough day. Kyle got up this morning and got ready for physical therapy about 9 am. He is having really bad nerve pain so they started him on a pain medication specifally for nerve pain that is different than narcotics. He worked thru his pain for PT and did well. The longer he stayed up the better his pain got. We went outside and enjoyed another beautiful day here. Then we went and ate lunch in the cafeteria. At 1:00 was our conference and this is what they had to say. First of all Kyle has a bladder infection that I am sure is from the foley catheter. They will start treatment on it right away. Second, they say Kyle is not only different and original in spirit but he is in the structure of his body as well. Most peolpe have 7 vertebraes at the neck, which Kyle has, 12 vertebraes in the thoracic region and 5 lumbar vertebraes. Kyle only has 11 thoracic vertebraes so his injury is from T11 to L2. Because of how low his injury is, not only does he have damage to the spinal cord but also to the nerves that control bowel and bladder. Due to this his xray showed that he is abdomen is full due to the flaccid bowels. So they have already started that program. So here is what all of you are waiting for I'm sure is the prognosis. Not good. The Dr here describes Kyle as a level A complete spinal cord injury, which is the lowest the scale goes. That means the chances of him ever walking or being able to use his lower extremeties is very very slim, or as Dr. Maerz calls it a long shot. He did however say it wasn't impossible. He said Dr. Reeves did a wonderful job with the repairment and all looked well. He said that the spinal cord itself does not look as bad as some he has seen, which was good. He told us though he may never be able to walk again he will still be able to do everything he wants in life, and I believe that as well. I could tell by the look on Kyle's face he was upset, and I can't imagine how he must feel. All I can do is listen and give him a shoulder to lean on. The scale they use up here on spinal cord injuries is ABCDE scale with A being the worst and E being completely normal meaning you can use your extremeties. Dr. Maerz says that he will have to wear his brace for 12 weeks and that his status can change over time. Most people start to get something back in 6 months but the window is up to 24 months. We will just take it day by day and work with what he has today. If all of this wasn't enough he went outside for chair class and got nauseated and vomitted everywhere! Now he is in bed resting, finally. They gave him some meds for the nausea, so maybe he will get some much needed rest.
Oh by the way I forgot to mention our discharge date is 12-16-09. Which means we will hopefully be home for christmas!

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Tests

I thought today was going to be a long day of therapy but Kyle had to go for his MRI and x-rays so he missed therapy. He said he would rather have gone to therapy instead of that MRI. They valium was ok other than they did not give him enough! We will know the result tomorrow. He did however have to go to weightlifting in the am. I told him he was going to be all buff when he gets out of here, and guess what he said? Yup, he was already buff enough! I got the best cards in the mail! They were from no other than our beautiful girls! They had glitter and drawings all over them and were red and black, you know Tech colors! They did such a good job on them. Judging by all the glitter and glue, Shelley had a mess to clean up. Cathy Fox we loved the pictures of the teachers in their costumes, Kyle laughed. You were so right when you said how hard it must be for me to watch Kyle hurt. I feel like I am not doing enough for him. I just can't seem to make this better. I know he is glad I am here with him because me and him are so close and I guess that will just have to be enough.Tara Cottingham thank you for the card and the Prayer list. It warms our hearts that people take different times out of their day to pray for us. With all the prayers headed up there everyday I know they get heard, thanks. Veronica and the hospital crew keep writing me I love to know what is going on at that crazy hospital and we miss you too. Thank you to Nancy Birkenfeld and family, Mr and Mrs Edwards, Gerard and Dayle, Judy and Max Tatum and Vernon ISD faculty and staff for the wonderful cards. I pretty sure we have the most cards up here!
I just got wonderful news that my girls are getting to come down here Nov 13 and stay a few days. It will be so good to see their beautiful faces. I can't even began to explain how much we miss them. Kyle and I talk about them everynight before bed. Now we can look forward to them coming, maybe they can see some snow!
Well time for Kyle's bath so goodbye.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Out of the hospital

Well Keith looks like I figured out how to put these pics on here. Wasn't too hard I don't guess. Today was a good Sunday. Got up early went to 8 o'clock mass then came back to see Kyle. He got up at lunch and ate then we got to go for a walk outside. We were out about an hour. It was such a pretty day about 65 degrees no wind just lots of sunshine. We finally got him cleared to leave the hospital and go to the apartments. I think it was nice for him to get out for awhile. We left about 3pm and while we were there we got to skype and see Dot, Leroy, Janet, Whumpo, Raci, and Katelyn. Which reminds me Keith I really liked the KM shirt Raci had on, it had a different color collar and sleeve outlines, just saying. It was good to see all them back home, Leroy was same old Leroy and I know it did Kyle good to see them. We got to eat spaghetti and watched a movie there in the room. He did real well, but by about 530 he was ready to head back for a pain pill. He got in bed and he got to skype with the girls which was great as well! Kyla actually talked she was wearing one of Kyle's KM shirts and she told us she had daddy's shirt on it was too cute. Brooke showed us her work and her card from Mrs. Kajs, she was so proud of it. They stayed at my mom's for Halloween and had a good ole time I hear. Shelley says they have enough candy to last a life time and Paw says they will all have crome teeth before too long! Karley did a cheerleading routine for us and we are in awe of how fast Olivia is growing, she was full of smiles and jabber!

Kyle is excited because they just extended is turning schedule to 2 1/2 hours instead of 2. Funny how that 30 min makes such a difference. He got to take his first bath last night which he enjoyed.He will definetly need to get a good nights rest because he has a busy day tomorrow. He just got his pain pills so maybe he will get a good nights sleep.

I think I am going to get some rest tonight to because I am pretty tired as well. To all the people who comment and send us post back, we love it. I know everyday Kyle asks me to read any new posts so I know he likes hearing from you guys.