Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football, Football and More Football..

Today was a relativetly slow day. Kyle beat me out of bed, which doesnt usually happen. I was really tired. Then we watched lots of football. I will be so glad when football is over! I like some football, such as my Cowboys but that is about all. I hear the mighty moguls pulled out a win last night. Congrats Kyle and I were cheering you guys on. Well since we got here Denver has lost every game, they say we are bad luck, I say they are just showing their true colors! Nate came by and told Kyle goodbye this morning. It was good to see him. Kyle and I basically just watched T.V. all day. O I forgot I beat him in Skipbo which was nice. He says I cheated and should be ashamed for beating someone who is handicapped! I didn't feel bad at all, I hardly ever win against him, so I am going to rub it in. Maybe tomorrow I can beat him in dominoes. I doubt he will have time tomorrow, its Monday and his schedule is pretty full. On the upside he is scheduled for a massage at 5pm. It must be nice..
The girls, Nana and Apaw get to come back and see us for Thanksgiving along with Keith and his family, Shannon's Family, and Kevin's family. It looks like it will be a nice Thanksgiving after all. I know Kyle is ready to see all of them. Well I am going to try and see if I can watch my music awards while Kyle sleeps. Erin you ready to take bets on who wins..


  1. Sounds like Kyle's stomach has settled down for today...I've been praying for that..Thank you Lord for taking care of my friends. God knew what He was doing when He made Sunday a day of rest...I'm glad you both got to rest a bit. Went to Crowell on Saturday to the pharmacy..everyone had on Kyle Myers Tshirts!! Kyle, YOU ARE FAMOUS!! I'm praying for a great day tomorrow! You work hard, Kyle, so you can come home! love ya loads,
    the fox

  2. Ohh no, a massage does not sound my one and only massage @ DisneyWorld I was told to dress down to my comfort level (which I was already at, wearing all my clothes) unfortunately my comfort level was quite a bit higher that the guy before me...yea, you get the picture!

    Hopefully Kyle's massage goes much better than mine!!