Friday, December 25, 2009

Secrets Out

Ok so I am sure everyone knows that Kyle is home by now. We knew for awhile that Kyle would be home on the 23rd for christmas, we just decided to suprise everyone. Because the weather was supposed to be bad on the 23rd Kyle got to come in on the 22nd. He flew out and landed in Amarillo then his aunt Mindy picked him up in Amarillo and drove him the rest of the way. He said the flight was not bad at all thanks to the help of Erica Larson aka world traveler! She made sure Kyle had everything they needed including all of the hospital's supplies as well! LOL Kyle did say that the drive was ok til they got to Ford County then Mindy knew she was in the home stretch! He got home at about 10pm and the entire family was outside of Mary's ready to greet him! I mean just about everyone, and if you know the Myers family that is a lot of people. Needless to say he was very tired and ready for bed. That night his girls never left his side and still really haven't. They got to sleep with daddy and Kyle said that was the best 5 hours of sleep he had in 2 1/2 months. We felt the same. Kyle has now been here about 3 days and has kinda started to settle in. Christmas Eve at Dotmama's was great! Midnight mass was even better. It was nice to have all of us at church as a family again. Kyle will get to be here about 2 more weeks then he has to go back for a couple weeks again, but then we should be done. We have learned so much through this already. We have been through more in the last two months than many couples go through in years! But it always comes down to one thing Family. Without them you are basically lost. We have been able to deal with all of this thanks to our wonderful family. This has made us all stronger, even our kids seem to be adjusting. Brooke is quite the little helper, she is constantly taking care of her daddy, and Kyla, well she is still Kyla, a little firecracker. Daddy doesn't seem to have changed to her. She still crawls up on him and sits on his lap. We hope to get to Vernon soon. We still have to have Christmas at his mom's. Because of all the horrible snow here Keith didn't get to come in for Christmas so hopefully he will get to come in with his family tomorrow. Thats what we get for saying it nevers snows in TX while we were in Denver. It just followed us here. It was never that cold in Denver! The wind chill here is terrible. Well the girls are asleep with Kyle in bed so its now time for me to get to bed as well. Goodnight

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Day

Well I haven't blogged in awhile because my computer has been causing me grief! I am home trying to settle in and get things ready for Kyle however these two girls will not leave my lap for me to do anything, so my house is still a wreck and will be til after Christmas. I am off to Rhineland today to spend Christmas with the family, something tells me its going to be a good day. I have so much to do and no time to do it in!
Kyle is doing as good as can be. His sore is better but his bowel infection is back and they started him on two different antibiodics he will have to take for 4 weeks! He is not looking forward to that at all! Him and Erica seem to be doing ok down in denver, they say the weather should be bad starting tomorrow, thank god I am in Texas!
Thak you to everyone who has sent us food over the last couple of days! This community is amazing! Thank you Jenny H. for organizing all that, we will never forget all of your kindness! Well I have to start packing so I can head out!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home, got here about 9pm. Thanks Veronica for enduring that really long drive with me. I just talked to Kyle he said he had a really good day. Sore on his bottom looks better. Other than that he said it was a pretty uneventful day. Therapy worked on airline transfers so he will know how to get on the plane when he flies home in a couple of weeks. Missing him dearly already. He is in great hands. I am so excited to get to sleep in my big comfy bed! I should get a good nights rest other than I just unpacked the car and have no idea where to put all this mess. Any ideas? Well I better get to bed I have a long day of cleaning and getting things back in order tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers for the safe return home. Now we all need to pray for Kyle's safe return home! Goodnight

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hard Goodbye

I am writing this blog from Colorado for the last time. I will continue to keep this updated from home. Many people have even asked if I will continue to write even after Kyle and I are back home, the answer is yes. Our journey will be just starting when we get home and writing helps us cope with all that is going on. It is our outlet. It is something we will be able to look back and say we did it!
So tomorrow I head out for home. This has been one of the hardest things yet. To get to go home without half my heart is very difficult. It was one thing to leave my children, it is another to leave my husband. My children I knew would be fine with our wonderful family, Kyle I am not so sure about. I can't leave him and know all will be well. All I can do is leave him in the hands of the man upstairs and know he will take care of it all. I am torn, I will be excited to see the 2 most beautiful kids in the world, but sad to leave my other half. He is in good hands, though I am sure of. All I can think of is that hopefully in 2 weeks he will be right behind me on his way home as well.
The sore on his bottom looks about the same, they let him get up this afternoon but only for a couple hours for therapy then he had to go back down. Last night I was so frustrated and angry when I got a message from a really good friend that made everything a little easier. It was the serenity prayer. Connie and Bryan had read it to us during our marriage classes. They used to say they thought it was interesting how most people never finish they prayer and how they felt the last part of the prayer was the most important. They were right. Thank you Connie for reminding me of it at a time when we really needed it. So tonight I leave you with it in hopes that it may help someone else at their most helpless hour as it did us.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; ACCEPTING HARDSHIPS AS THE PATHWAY TO PEACE; Taking, as he did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; TRUSTING THAT HE WILL MAKE ALL THINGS RIGHT IF I SURRENDER TO HIS WILL;That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with him forever in the next, Amen

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Info

Well today was a long day. It seems as if nothing wants to work in our favor. We have started getting all the stuff in line to go home on the 30th and now it seems as if they think he might have a bed sore. This is not good. First of all they will keep him longer if it is bad, and second of all he is now on bedrest and gets to do nothing all day. Why does it seem as if everything is holding us back and nothing is going right? The spot is right on his coccyx and is just really red now, what they are afraid of is that under that red spot it may be worse in the tissues. He has been in bed all day, which really stinks, he hurts more when he is in bed and he hates lying around. All we can do is pray that they sore is not as bad as they think and that the redness will start to fade over the next 2 days. To top it all I am leaving in two days. I have already promised the girls so I can't stay. I sure hope he is better by the time I leave so its not so hard. Why does it have to be so damn difficult! The stress of all this is crazy. The dr also said the brace comes off on Jan 14 2010 and they are bringing him back for 2 weeks or so on jan 17 or so. I guess we will only be home for a little while. Well besides being physically exhausted, we are mentally exhausted. I dont even feel like myself. Praying for good news tomorrow and plenty of good rest.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Car Transfers

So today was another Monday. It started early today with Deepa in OT coming in this morning to watch Kyle dress himself. He did well. Then we went to mat class where he cleared 15 inch transfers and soon will be doing floor to chair transfers. After that he want to driving school and drove some more. Sounds like high school again. After that we had lunch, then he worked with PT on getting into the tahoe. It looked really hard, but after a couple of tries he was doing ok, not perfect but ok. Ok enough that they cleared us for car passes. So now if he can handle my driving, he can leave and do some things around Denver. Too bad I am leaving on Thursday. Maybe I can get him out before then to last till the 30th. After Pt we went on and endurance run down about 5 blocks to the church. It was cold. Needless to say Kyle is very tired. I hate to cut this one short but our kids are calling on skype!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Student Driver

Well today was a good day. Kyle started the morning with driving class. He actually got to drive in this wonderful weather using hand controls. He picked it up pretty easy, he says he can thank his yrs of farming for that. All the therapies went well. He has about 5 more days on the vancomycin antibiodic, then he is done with all the antibiodics. The dr thinks once he gets home he should not have problems with bowel infections. I have another week here then I am headed back to Texas. I think Veronica is going to fly in and drive home with me. This should be very interesting. I hope we dont get lost. We talked to the girls tonight, Kyla said she is ready to see me because her toenails need painted and Brooke is glad that I will make her piano session on Sat. I think they are tired and ready for us to be home. They have been so good through all this. They are strong like their daddy. Well we are entering the weekend so don't be suprised if I don't blog because there isn't a whole lot that goes on. Goodnight

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2nd Conference

Yesterday we had our second conference with the team. They all said that one thing is for sure Kyle is one of the hardest working patients they have ever seen. They said even when he feels bad he shows up for all his classes. I am sure this is no news to all those that know him. We are still on for discharge for the 30th due to getting equipment and stuff in before he leaves here. Cathing is still going good. He has already come such a long way. I am coming in next thurs so maybe I can take Brooke to her piano recital on Sat. Maybe I will surprise her. I can't wait to see them but also I hate to leave Kyle. He says he needs this so he can learn to do things by himself. He says he needs to be alone. I am sure he does, but its still hard none the less. His wheelchair should be here the 21st. So he will have a good week to fit it. Therapy went well today, they are planning on doing the ASIA test again next week, to see if he has any sensation coming back. I think they have decided to bring him back in Jan or Feb after his brace comes off to finish out his therapy. It should only be about 2 weeks. It is still cold, here down to -3 degrees out. I heard Brooke had her Christmas Program tonight, I hate that we missed it. This has been the first yr we have missed anything. I heard she did really well. Maybe someone recorded it for me, I bet Shelley did. Kyla told Kyle that she wanted a John Deere tractor for Christmas, she would be her daddy's kid. We are hoping for a good day tomorrow and a warmer day as well.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Fall

Well today was for the most part ok. Kyle had PT first thing this morning, they worked on his shoulders. They think he has tendonitis in his shoulders so they have been letting him rest a little. He started intermittent catherization and is so good at it. He does it all by himself no problem. He worked on transfers in the bathroom with the equipment he will be using at home. It was really tough.They say it will get easier.During OT today Kyle fell out of his chair for the first time. They had the axles to far back on his chair and it tipped over and out he went. Im sure that will be the first of many. He is ok and didn't hurt anything other than his pride. For some reason we have been really tired this week. I think its a combination of this crapy weather and the fact that we are working our butts off( more Kyle than me) to try to get home before christmas! Talked to the girls today, they look good. Kyla had her trusty blanket and Brooke was telling me all about piano. I bet she is getting so good. I can't wait to go home and hear all her Christmas music. My girls are growing up, and I am missing so much of it. I keep saying just a few more days, but I don't know. I can't leave Kyle, but I miss my kids. I just hope Kyle gets to come home early with me! Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, but we have been so busy. I will try not to let it happen again. Well goodnight, I am going to sleep like a baby.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Game Day

Well we got to sleep in this morning which was nice. I think we got up about 9am and started getting ready for the day. We basically just hung out with JB and Erica. We ate burgers for lunch. Then we went downstairs to see the Denver Bronco cheerleaders. Kyle and Justin took their pictures with them and got a calendar. We all agree that they don't have anything on the Cowboy cheerleaders. Then we went outside and Justin showed Kyle is curb skills. Its amazing how he gets around. He makes it all look so easy. Kyle says he hopes he gets to be that good.Even people just outside were watching with amazement at Justins mad skills! He is supposed to come by tomorrow and show Kyle how to transfer in the Tahoe and how he gets dressed and does things. I think it has really helped Kyle to see Justin. Its like he sees it can be done. Justin and Kyle are just very strong and special people if anyone can overcome something like this they can. Its nice to know that Kyle has someone to show him the ropes! Afterwards Erica and I went to Target and bought some board games. We played uno then Erin got here. Let me tell you no one is as competitive as Erin Larson. She won twice, and still said we were cheating! But we had fun. We ate chikfila for supper because Erin was craving it and we can eat it all the time! We watched that close Longhorns game, you should have seen the Larson's all geared up for that game! I was glad they won, I would hate to think of what Erin would do if they lost! All in all it was a good day.We will be sad to see the Larson's head home tomorrow, they have been good company!
It is supposed to snow 4 inches tomorrow, I hate Co. Our girls are staying with mamaw this weekend and sounded as if they were having a good time! I can't wait till we are home with our kids!

Friday, December 4, 2009

First Time Out

Well today was more like a Monday than a Friday. This morning started early for us, Kyle had to get ready early and take all of his medications so he could catch the first bus to the mall. He did really well and I think he enjoyed getting out. We ate at Chili's with Erica and Justin for lunch and got to shop a little. Well I shopped a little and Kyle just followed. We came back at about 1pm and Kyle was really tired. Too bad we couldn't rest because we had to get him moved to his new room on the east side. Then after we moved him we had to move me and I think that was worse. But we are all settled in now and Kyle has his own shower in his new room so we no longer have to go to the shower room which is nice and I get to stay with him which is really nice. Kyle had to get used to his new shower equipment which was really hard. Lots of transfers and very different from what we have been doing. Hopefully it will get easier as time goes by. Thank God we get the weekend to rest. Tomorrow we get to do nothing but relax. O I forgot we get to visit with the Denver Bronco cheerleaders, not that I care to do that but Justin said he picked a good weekend to come to Denver! Well it is still very cold here it was like 3 degrees last night and it felt every bit of that. We have a guy from Alaska here and he says Denver hasn't shown him any cold yet. I can't imagine. Well we are going to watch Four Christmases so we will write again soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Maybe An Answer

Well maybe we finally have an answer for all of Kyle's bowel problems, we found out today that he has a bowel infection. This could be why he feels so bad and why they can't control his bowels. They will start him on an antibiodic for it soon. On top of that he has another bladder infection. They started him on an antibiodic for that today as well. Hopefully in a couple of days they will take out this catheter and he can start intermittent catherization which should cut down on the bladder infections! Tomorrow is a big day for Kyle, he not only moves to the east building but he also has to go on his first outing. They are making him go to the mall, of all places. Kyle hates the mall. He said at least he has a chair he will get to sit in and he doesn't have to do all that walking! Maybe he can get me a christmas gift while he is there. I also get to move out of the apartments which should be interesting. I have aquired lots of crap in the little bit of time I have been here.
We are hoping for a good day at the mall tomorrow, so we are going to rest up I think it might be a long day.
I heard the girls had their Christmas program for the church last night. Brooke said she was a sheep I bet she was so cute. They are supposed to go stay with my mom this weekend which should be nice.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Release Date

So we got some more bad news. They don't think Kyle is ready to go home so they have pushed the date back to Dec.30. I guess whatever it takes for him to learn everything he needs to learn, its just too bad he might miss Christmas. They say if he can really work he might get out on the 23rd as long as there are no set backs.
Kyle had an ok day, they did another xray on his belly and they actually said it wasn't that bad! Yeah! We move to the east side on Friday. We get to go over more house modifications tomorrow. Its suppposed to snow again tomorrow. Im ready for Texas weather.
I feel as if I have been away from Texas to long so think I might go back home sometime next week stay for a week or so then head back to cold Colorado. I sure am ready to be back in my house in my own bed! I am also ready of course to see my little girls.
Well I haven't eaten yet and Kyle is ready for bed, so I will make this one another short one.