Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Info

Well today was a long day. It seems as if nothing wants to work in our favor. We have started getting all the stuff in line to go home on the 30th and now it seems as if they think he might have a bed sore. This is not good. First of all they will keep him longer if it is bad, and second of all he is now on bedrest and gets to do nothing all day. Why does it seem as if everything is holding us back and nothing is going right? The spot is right on his coccyx and is just really red now, what they are afraid of is that under that red spot it may be worse in the tissues. He has been in bed all day, which really stinks, he hurts more when he is in bed and he hates lying around. All we can do is pray that they sore is not as bad as they think and that the redness will start to fade over the next 2 days. To top it all I am leaving in two days. I have already promised the girls so I can't stay. I sure hope he is better by the time I leave so its not so hard. Why does it have to be so damn difficult! The stress of all this is crazy. The dr also said the brace comes off on Jan 14 2010 and they are bringing him back for 2 weeks or so on jan 17 or so. I guess we will only be home for a little while. Well besides being physically exhausted, we are mentally exhausted. I dont even feel like myself. Praying for good news tomorrow and plenty of good rest.


  1. Please hang in there!!! You have come so far from when this happened. No doubt you are very tired and longing for your home. You will get there, it WILL happen!!! Prayers, Your Holy Family Church friends

  2. Erica don't give up mija it will get better and that bed sore it mite be something that is just starting and they mite have caught it on time. Think postive. All this that is happening is just something that is gonna make ya stronger ans strong to when it is time 2 come home for good ya can over come anything. Prayers are still coming ur way. Luv ya!