Monday, December 14, 2009

Car Transfers

So today was another Monday. It started early today with Deepa in OT coming in this morning to watch Kyle dress himself. He did well. Then we went to mat class where he cleared 15 inch transfers and soon will be doing floor to chair transfers. After that he want to driving school and drove some more. Sounds like high school again. After that we had lunch, then he worked with PT on getting into the tahoe. It looked really hard, but after a couple of tries he was doing ok, not perfect but ok. Ok enough that they cleared us for car passes. So now if he can handle my driving, he can leave and do some things around Denver. Too bad I am leaving on Thursday. Maybe I can get him out before then to last till the 30th. After Pt we went on and endurance run down about 5 blocks to the church. It was cold. Needless to say Kyle is very tired. I hate to cut this one short but our kids are calling on skype!

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