Friday, December 4, 2009

First Time Out

Well today was more like a Monday than a Friday. This morning started early for us, Kyle had to get ready early and take all of his medications so he could catch the first bus to the mall. He did really well and I think he enjoyed getting out. We ate at Chili's with Erica and Justin for lunch and got to shop a little. Well I shopped a little and Kyle just followed. We came back at about 1pm and Kyle was really tired. Too bad we couldn't rest because we had to get him moved to his new room on the east side. Then after we moved him we had to move me and I think that was worse. But we are all settled in now and Kyle has his own shower in his new room so we no longer have to go to the shower room which is nice and I get to stay with him which is really nice. Kyle had to get used to his new shower equipment which was really hard. Lots of transfers and very different from what we have been doing. Hopefully it will get easier as time goes by. Thank God we get the weekend to rest. Tomorrow we get to do nothing but relax. O I forgot we get to visit with the Denver Bronco cheerleaders, not that I care to do that but Justin said he picked a good weekend to come to Denver! Well it is still very cold here it was like 3 degrees last night and it felt every bit of that. We have a guy from Alaska here and he says Denver hasn't shown him any cold yet. I can't imagine. Well we are going to watch Four Christmases so we will write again soon.

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  1. Erica/Kyle,
    It has been a while since I read your blog.
    Sorry to hear about the other problems, however we can pray and agree that the antibiotics do what they are developed to do.
    Let's pray and agree, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for all you have done for Kyle and we thank you for all you are going to do. Father we thank you for healing in his body and we thank you for the antibiotics healing hi GI problem. Father we thank you for all the support and prayers from the friends and family and Father we pray for a special blessing for all of them! Father thank you for all of your provision for them and meeting all their needs, in the name of Jesus we pray, and all of God's saints said Amen and Amen God Bless America and all of those in authority, later, Rick