Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Normal

I feel like after a long 7 month ordeal we are finally falling into our new normal. Kyle started work (officially) on monday. He was there way longer than he had to be but I didnt figure he would actually do what he was told. He acted like it was good to be back. He is getting faster on his am routine, now it only takes him a little over an hour to get ready. He is still ready before I am, imagine that. He finally got his pick-up a couple of weeks ago and hasn't really been home since. I don't blame him. He is getting up and taking the girls to school when he has to and picking them up. He lost another 10 pounds. Almost at his goal weigh of 175. About 10 pounds more and he will meet it. Health wise he is doing really well. He is still going to therapy for his shoulders. He is still having issues with pain. We have come to think that he will always have some pain after all this. May talk with the Dr about increasing the dosage on some of his pain meds. Kyle is back in a routine at home as well. We did yardwork this weekend and he mowed and did his normal stuff. I am really proud of how hard he has worked and how far he has come. I never imagined we would be here this fast.

House plans are finalized. We should get a estimate of cost this thurs or fri and hopefully we will be able to break ground within the next few weeks! We are going to appreciate the room and space that the new house has let me tell you. This house shrinks a little more everyday! The girls are so excited Brooke has decided she wants a black and red tech room and Kyla says anything purple. We shall see. David Logsdon has been wonderful. Working with him has been so easy. We really appreciate all he has done so far.

As for me, I am back at work full time and loving it. It feels like I just picked up where I left off. Definitely different just having one job. After you get so used to 2 you feel like there is so much down time. It's kinda nice. However my shopping misses the extra money!! The girls are great. Brooke is like a little momma, she takes good care of Kyla. When Kyle takes them to school she walks her in and she picks her up. Its so funny I dropped Kyla off yesterday and she cried, when we got int the car Brooke said, she never cries with me. You always think you have the greatest kids in this world, but after this I know I have the greatest kids on the face of this planet. They have both had to learn and change so much and they have done it with ease. The only one we have trouble with is our 3rd kid Zoe (the dog). She is a handful let me tell you. She is just about house broken which went really well, but she likes to chew on everything including shoes! And for those of you who know me and my shoe collection this is not good. So far she has just gotten only Brooke's and Kyle's shoes. Kyla is warming up to her and Brooke loves her. She sleeps on the couch in Brooke's room. She is getting so big and she has so much energy! She has been a good addition to the family.
I think I have caught everyone up, now have to get the girls ready for school.