Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Well last year about this time we were all getting ready for our big day! Hard to believe a year has already flown by. We have had to learn and adjust to a lot in this last year, but we have done it. Our relationship has faced many difficult obstacles but they have made us stronger and closer. It is very true when they say that god only gives you what you can handle because I believe we have handled it well considering all that has happened. I hope we are on the down hill slide now. So here is to many more anniversaries together!

We will start with Kyle, he is busier than ever. He had to go get certified in welding this past week in Wichita Falls. He passed with flying colors, he got the highest certificate you can obtain as a welder which I think is pretty awesome! He is busy in school with projects and kids. He seems like he hasn't missed a beat.

Brooke is busy as ever, she has piano on mondays, soccer on tues and thurs, ccd on wednesdays and games on saturdays. Oh and she just signed up for basketball. I have a funny feeling this is only the begining. She has really enjoyed school so far and she doesn't complain much. She is definitely moms little helper.

Mckyla, she is as stubborn as ever, or as Kyle likes to call it strong willed. She is starting to like school a little more, she comes home and sings us a new song everyday. She enjoys fighting with Brooke and playing with Zoe.

As for me, I am trying to keep up with all of the kids events and work. I have learned that work comes second, I try not to miss any of my kids events and I definitely dont work as much as I used to. Its just not worth it to me. I work extra at my second job when we need extra money and when the house gets finished I am sure I will pick up a little more work, but for now I just take it day by day.

The house is coming along nicely, still set to be in by Thanksgiving which isn't far away. We are at the hard stage, picking out floor, paint, cabinets, ect. I am just not that into decorating. I keep it pretty simple.

Well until next time, goodbye from the Myers' house!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well we have 3 weeks of school about down and we have been very busy. These are the most recent pics I have of the house and barn. They are both further along I just haven't downloaded the pics yet. The house has the roof complete and the barn is ready for tin! We are now picking out some of the inside items such as sinks and counter tops, all the fun stuff! The plumbers and electricians are working now, so we can get sheetrock started maybe in the next week or so.

Kyle is healing well after his gall bladder surgery on Friday, we hope that is the last surgery he has to have. He is very sore but getting along. He uses his abdomen for everything so having abdominal surgery even though it was laproscopic, really did him in. Thank you to the lady's who brought us supper over the weekend, we loved it and really appreciated it. Kyle felt better today so he decided to go back to work, I hope that goes well.

Brooke is enjoying school with Mrs. Mayo, she starts soccer this month as well as piano again. She is really growing up, she will be 7 this month and it is killing me how fast it is moving. She is such a big girl and a big help! As for Kyla her and Zoe are always together and always up to no good! They get themselves in the worst situations. Kyla is like her godpoppa and she hates school. This morning she cried and would not let go of me, I felt so bad. SHe usually does that with Kyle but not me! Kyle said its because she loves her daddy more! Whatever! I hope she out grows this, but Kevin never did so we may be in some trouble!

As for me I have been busy with home stuff, picking out things for the house, keeping the house running and trying to work when everyone gets well enough for me to! On top of all this I think it is time for me to go back to school and get it done, there is no time like the present! I will keep you informed on how it goes!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Test Results

Kyle's Renal ultraasound went well this am , they said it looked good. They did his sensory test again, no change in sensations. Same prognosis. They were impressed with some of his building skills. Dr. Maerz says everything looks good, he took him off of some of his medications which made kyle's day. He said his bowels and bladder look ok, he will see the urologist this week as well. Full day tomorrow, but hopefully we can leave here Friday morning and be back Saturday sometime.
The weather has been very cool today, in the 60's now. It has been cloudy and raining most of the day. We have caught up on some of the movies we wanted to see due to the rain. Hopefully it will be nice tomorrow so we can get out a little. The girls are enjoying getting away with murder since mamaw is in charge, I hope she is working on getting them to bed at a descent hour since school is next week. Well time to get back to my movie!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back in Colorado

So we are writing from Colorado once again. Kyle has to come back once a year for a re-eval,where he will go through all these tests and make sure he is in good health and see if there are any changes in his condition. We left Sat about noon and got here today at about 230. Since we dont plan anything, we thought we would stop halfway and get a motel, only to find that every motel between Amarillo and New Mexico was completely booked. At midnight we finally found a place to stay, it was the only room available, it apparently was a honeymoon suite that they were not renting out because the jacuzzi in room was broke, we got a discount and to be honest we didnt really care as long as it had a bed!! Colorado looks so much better without all the snow. The mountains are beautiful and green and the temperature is even better. It got up to 82 degrees today and was 65 or so about noon, the weather is definetly a lot nicer this go round. In fact the whole trip seems nicer this time. We have had 10 months to think and grow since the last time we were here. We are here under different circumstances. We have made lots of changes through this, but we have made it through what many call the hardest part. You definetly have a different view of all the people here in their chairs for the first time and their braces, we know where you are coming from. You just want to tell them it will all work out, but ten months ago that was the last thing I wanted to hear.

The girls are home with mom, I didn't think they wanted to be in Dr's offices all week especially the week before school. Putze, Kyle said that he didn't plan when we were coming up here but he is glad he is not in in-service this week. He said if it weren't for you damn administrators he wouldnt have to go anyway!

Our house is moving fast! When we get home they should have the roof on and the concrete for Kyle's barn. Logsdon and his crew having been moving fast! They still are hoping we get in by Thanksgiving, so Calina I hope you have been doing some shopping, because it won't be long before you are picking out colors for the walls!

Well I guess I better get to bed, Kyle has some tests they are doing on his kidneys in the am so we need some rest!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Day

The Myers' home is always on the go so its hard to write when I want to. We finally really started the house, they put up the concrete forms this weekend, too bad they missed the measurements by ten feet! Now they have to come fix it tomorrow. Then hopefully the plumbers will come do their stuff on Wed so we can pour the slab. Our house is still on the market, had a couple of people look at it and lots of people driving by all the time. We hope to be in it before the holidays, but who knows.

Kyle and I are supposed to be going to dallas the middle of this week. Hopefully we will get his chair and cushion looked at since the measurements were off. Maybe then his back pain will go away. We are still set to head to denver middle of august, Kyle is bummed because he will miss all the inservices, since its a week before school starts!

The girls are enjoying summer here spending time with mamaw. Kyla is excited about being the flower girl in Kylie's wedding and Brooke is excited about next school year. Kyla says she never has to go back to school, she will just stay home forever. That is her godpapa Kevin coming out in her!

Right now there isn't a whole lot going on other than the usual. Things are good at the Myers' house, we hope it stays that way.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Heat

Well the heat has officially let us know it is summer along with all the wheat harvesters. The temp has really risen this week. House building is finally underway and hopefully we will have a house before christmas! The girls have gone to stay with nana and apaw for a few days, they were ready. I am sure they are having a blast. I have been busy getting caught up on laundry and house work. It is too hot to be anywhere but inside. Kyle is in Burk today helping Keith put up a fence I hope he drinks lots of water. He is doing good working every minute he can. Zoe is bouncing around as well, back to her normal. I will post pictures of the house and its progress here and on facebook, maybe it will come up faster than we think. Other than that things are calm at the Myers' home for the moment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of the School Year

As you can see we have changed the look of the blog. Even though Kyle's body will still be recovering for the next year and a half I feel as if we have moved on. We have adjusted to the situation and so I felt that the blog needed to look a little more cheerful and bright.

Summer is finally here and we are all excited and ready. As you can tell the girls have already been swimming at the rhineland city pool aka as Aunt Nelle's house. Brooke would probably move there for the summer if I let her. She loves to swim. However this week starts Brooke's tennis camp. She has really enjoyed tennis. After tennis camp Brooke thinks she is moving in with Karley and Nana for the summer, little does she know. Her report card for the year was really good. I am so proud of her. Hard to believe she is a little first grader now. I feel like I missed way too much of this school year. She said she was really going to miss Mrs Kajs. The picture up here is of Brooke and her teacher at their end of year program.

As for Kyla well what can I say she is still onery as ever. She thinks her school is over and now she gets to go to Brooke's school and ride the bus to her daddy's office and get a snack too. She is in for a rude awakening, but I won't drop that bomb until next school year. She is such a busy bee, always getting into something. She loves to dance. Her favorite phrase unfortunately is "What the heck" and every now and then you might hear a cuss word. She repeats everything she hears and she wants to know when is it going to be her birthday because it has been along time since her last birthday. Her favorite movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakal and Mamaw is tired of it! Hold on Mrs Kajs I hope you are ready, I am giving you 2 years to prepare for this one because she is the exact opposite of Brooke. In fact she told us she had already kissed a little boy at school, when we asked her why she said because she wanted to because she liked him. Brooke told her she was gross and that daddy would be mad and Kyla said o-well! I can see Kyle and Kyla going rounds when she is older. She is a mess.

Kyle is adjusting so well. His spirits are like no other. He has worked so hard to get to where he is now and I am proud. He is now full time, he is welding again and still loving it. We haven't heard about his standing wheelchair or how much longer it will be before it gets here, but we are hoping it is soon. He did however get his ATV and it is really nice. He goes next week to get hand controls put in it, but for now Kevin rigged him up a piece of pipe that he uses. Kyle still seems to be having some back and hip pain, but apparently we found that it might be his wheelchair. We have had 3 different therapists say that his wheelchair was ordered in the wrong size and that it could be causing his pain. We go to lubbock June9 to try out new chairs. I hope it is that easy, because I really hate that he has pain. We start our house on Thursday finally. All the paperwork involved is a nightmare, believe me I have no intentions on ever doing this again. I know when its done I will be glad we did this, but for now it is just stressful.

As for me I am still running around with the girls staying busy. I added another job. I now work at wilbarger general as a float nurse, which means I work wherever they need someone. Busy, busy. I was hoping to take a week and go on vacation with Kyle but he isn't quite set on traveling to far yet so we will see. We are still set to go to Denver the week of Aug 15, so I guess that will be our family trip! We have had to make lots of changes but I think we have all adjusted as well as you can in these situations. It has brought us all closer and taught us the hard way about enjoying life each step at a time.

I almost forgot a family member, Zoe! She is just as ornery as Kyla. She is a good dog but she gets into everything and chews on everything, I guess that's just the pup in her. She is at the vet today getting spade, poor Zoe, but lord knows we don't need anymore dogs! She is huge and getting bigger she goes to work with Kyle everyday, she loves to ride in the back of the pick up and listens well, to Kyle that is. She has just as many toys as the girls and leaves them thrown all over the house like the girls, but we love her and the girls wont let us give her away. Kyla has come along way with her. She wrestles with her and rides her and plays fetch with her, so Zoe has been good for her, I think she has been good for all of us. Kyle won't say it but he really enjoys her company.

I will try to keep this blog updated more and provide pics, but I make no promises!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Normal

I feel like after a long 7 month ordeal we are finally falling into our new normal. Kyle started work (officially) on monday. He was there way longer than he had to be but I didnt figure he would actually do what he was told. He acted like it was good to be back. He is getting faster on his am routine, now it only takes him a little over an hour to get ready. He is still ready before I am, imagine that. He finally got his pick-up a couple of weeks ago and hasn't really been home since. I don't blame him. He is getting up and taking the girls to school when he has to and picking them up. He lost another 10 pounds. Almost at his goal weigh of 175. About 10 pounds more and he will meet it. Health wise he is doing really well. He is still going to therapy for his shoulders. He is still having issues with pain. We have come to think that he will always have some pain after all this. May talk with the Dr about increasing the dosage on some of his pain meds. Kyle is back in a routine at home as well. We did yardwork this weekend and he mowed and did his normal stuff. I am really proud of how hard he has worked and how far he has come. I never imagined we would be here this fast.

House plans are finalized. We should get a estimate of cost this thurs or fri and hopefully we will be able to break ground within the next few weeks! We are going to appreciate the room and space that the new house has let me tell you. This house shrinks a little more everyday! The girls are so excited Brooke has decided she wants a black and red tech room and Kyla says anything purple. We shall see. David Logsdon has been wonderful. Working with him has been so easy. We really appreciate all he has done so far.

As for me, I am back at work full time and loving it. It feels like I just picked up where I left off. Definitely different just having one job. After you get so used to 2 you feel like there is so much down time. It's kinda nice. However my shopping misses the extra money!! The girls are great. Brooke is like a little momma, she takes good care of Kyla. When Kyle takes them to school she walks her in and she picks her up. Its so funny I dropped Kyla off yesterday and she cried, when we got int the car Brooke said, she never cries with me. You always think you have the greatest kids in this world, but after this I know I have the greatest kids on the face of this planet. They have both had to learn and change so much and they have done it with ease. The only one we have trouble with is our 3rd kid Zoe (the dog). She is a handful let me tell you. She is just about house broken which went really well, but she likes to chew on everything including shoes! And for those of you who know me and my shoe collection this is not good. So far she has just gotten only Brooke's and Kyle's shoes. Kyla is warming up to her and Brooke loves her. She sleeps on the couch in Brooke's room. She is getting so big and she has so much energy! She has been a good addition to the family.
I think I have caught everyone up, now have to get the girls ready for school.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well its been awhile since my last post so I thought I would catch you guys up on whats been going on. Kyle's pickup is finally here, now we will take it to Lubbock for modifications some time next week. We went and saw Dr Reeves on Tuesday. He said everything looked good. He added some strong muscle relaxants to see if they can help Kyle with his pain, since he is still hurting pretty bad. Kyle also has to start therapy some time soon since he has tendonitis in his shoulders, also causing him lots of pain. As far as bowel and bladder, not great, but not as bad as it was in the begining. Everybody has been wondering and asking when he will go back to work. We are still negotiating that. None of his equipment is here yet, none of it is in place. When Kyle gets back to work there is no doubt in my mind or his that he will be able to do the job he did before, he will just have to go about it in a different way and need some different equipment to help him. He however, WILL NOT need a sitter or someone to do his job for him!! When he comes back full time he should be able to do things INDEPENDENTLY! After all I believe that is the reason we were sent to Craig. I feel as if some people do not understand exactly what a day is like for someone who has this kind of injury. They do not realize that it can take a spinal cord patient anywhere from 2-4 hours to just get dressed and ready in the AM and this is without kids. Kyle stretches every morning to get his muscles loose and ready for the day. He now has to plan his day out as far as when and what to eat along with catheterization times. Even with all this he seems to me managing ok and getting faster everyday. The one thing about a lot of people with Kyle's injury is that although they may at times ask for help, they do not want to feel even more disabled by people assuming they want others to do the work that they can do if given the right tools.

As for me, well I believe its time for me to get back to work, so I start this weekend. I kinda have mixed emotions. I feel like my job was one of the things that defined me, so I will be glad to get back to that. But because I have to leave at 600 am that leaves Kyle not only getting himself ready but getting the girls up and ready as well. I know he can do it, I just hate that he has to. As soon as his pick up gets done, he will be taking them to school as well, this will mean he will need to be up about 430 or 500am til he gets it down. Until his pickup gets done friends and family will be dropping the girls off at school and picking them up. Thank god for friends and family. I think the girls will be going to nana's this weekend while I work. Its been a few weeks since they have been there and we are all in need. Well I need to get the laundry done before I start work sat. and since there is so much of it I better start now!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Driving

Well we went to Lubbock yesterday and got hand controls put on my car so Kyle could drive it. It was nice to be able to ride in the passenger seat since I hate driving! I was really impressed at how they work, I don't think I could use the hand controls but kuddos to the people that do! Erica you are definetly right about hitting your knee on them when you get out, I am going to have lots of bruises. LOL
After making the trip to Lubbock I think Kyle has decided that we will not be going to the stockshow. He said he really wants to but that his body is not up for the long drive. Just know he will be with you guys in spirit! Make him proud, I am sure you will do well. Congrats to Stacy and Emily Henry for winning Grand Champion with a pig they raised at the San Antonio Show. Kyle says to remember that we have to little ones that will be showing before to long!
Whumpo, the girls sure have enjoyed you this week, thanks for keeping them for us. I am afraid if it weren't for Pepsi the girls would move right in.
We are hoping to just rest this weekend since we have had such a busy week and prepare for what next week has in store.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things are Looking Up

Well this week has been a better week for us. The family is all feeling well, Kyle's antibiodics finally kicked in and he is feeling much better.In fact he was feeling so good he has been arguing with our salesman on a truck at Bailey Toliver. Bowman you sure put up with a lot!! LOL Hopefully in about a week Kyle's pickup will be in. It left Michigan yesterday on a railcar and they said it takes 6 days to get to OK then 1 day to get to Haskell. So it looks like we are on schedule for returning back to work in early March! Woohoo! We go to Lubbock tomorrow to get hand controls put in my car so Kyle can drive it. I will be so glad when I can sit in the passenger seat and sleep the whole way again! Kyle has gotten his morning routine down to about 1 1/2 hours as opposed to 3 hrs so we are slowly getting there. Roles are reversed now I am the one up at the crack of dawn and I have to pull him out of bed!! Never thought I would see that. The girls are getting back in the swing of school. We are still waiting to close on the land and still working on finding the right blueprint for a house. My mom came down this week to help me organize the worst room in my house which is my den. It was the storage room for the last 4 months so you can only imagine. Looks like Kyle's ag kids finished their projects and will be able to take them to show this week. They leave Thursday, if you have time between here and there you should stop by and see how great they look. Kyle is so proud of you guys, you have faced so much adversity this year and still you pulled together, worked hard and got it done. Kyle still hasn't decided if we will try to make the trip, its a long ride and I don't know if he can handle it yet. If we don't make just know we are routing for you guys and win or lose you guys are awesome! I will never forget this group of kids you hold a special place in my heart!
Well mom is telling me to get in gear so I better go.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well despite the snow we are all feeling a little better today. My family unfortunately had the privelage of catching the stomach bug that is going around, Brooke and I got over it ok but Kyle is still a little down. Better than yesterday but not 100%. It takes him a little longer to shake things since all of this. We also found out that he did have a bowel infection so that is working against us as well. I feel like we take one step forward and 3 steps back. Monday was a really good day, we got to go to the stockshow for awhile and see some of the kids, they all did well. I know Kyle really missed being there this year and I figured it would do him good to go and it did, but then Tues and Wed were terrible days at our house with the virus, now I am wore out and just want to sleep the next 3 away! Whumpo took Brooke to CCd last night which was nice, because I was not up for getting out, and Kyla just couldn't let Brooke go alone so she joined them as well. It was nice to get a couple hours of down time. It seems like I clean and run around all day then the kids get home and there is no time for rest. I wonder if the exhaustion will ever go away. We are ready for some warmer weather that is for sure, I have seen enough snow these last 6 months to last me the rest of my life and then some!
All is going well with the land situation, Kyle is getting closer to designing our dream home and we hope to be closing on the land soon! I think we will appreciate the new house a lot more after living in this one, don't get me wrong I love our house out here but it doesnt work for us anymore. I guess we will probably be selling this one. SO if you know anyone interested dont hesitate to call. Well I have to get back to cleaning and get ready for two girls valentine's parties tomorrow so goodbye.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Land at Last

Well we have finally found a place to build our future home! The COOP had a meeting last night and decided to sell us 5 acres! Woohoo!! It looks like it will be a prime location for our new home! We really want to thank Gene White for helping us out and the Coop for agreeing to sell. I don't think you understand how much stress this takes off of our plates, We will never forget all of your help! Now comes the hard part, choosing blueprints for a house. Kyle has decided to try and draw his own, should be interesting. He just had a meeting with OTR at Craig and will be released to go back to work, all things cooperating, begining of March. The boys at the shop look like they are continuing to make good progress on the flatbead. Kyle is trying to convince me to take him to the ag mech show to watch you guys. We will see how it goes. Things continue to go well. Brooke is still enjoying school. McKyla started minischool yesterday and did better than we all thought. Mrs. Paula she said she still misses you and wants to go back and see you! She still plays school yelling at Analyse and Chandler and Katelyn. It is rather comical. Brooke enjoyed going back to CCD on Wed. Other than my house not being spotless and me not being back at work I kinda feel like we are getting back in our old routine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally Home

After a long 3 1/2 months we are all finally home together in Vernon America. Who knew you could be so excited to be back in Vernon. We got here Sunday afternoon. Kyle's parents and brother Keith helped us bring all of our crap back, now my house is really a nightmare. When we got home we noticed that one of the trees in the backyard had fallen over our fence and demolished the girl's wooden swingset. Luckily that was the only damage. I am pretty sure Keith is going to quit coming over because everytime he does he has to do tree work! Thanks Keith. Kyle seems to be able to get around ok, its not ideal but it will work until the new house gets built. We hope to start on that project somewhere around spring break. We are still looking for a vehicle for Kyle we are having problems with the modifications he needs and if he will still be able to pull his trailers. This is the hold up on me returning to work. I am ready but we only have one vehicle now and that really doesn't work. So as soon as we get this ironed out then I will be back at work. Brooke returned to Mrs. Kajs' class on Monday, she was so excited. She said piano was a lot nicer now that she didn't have to drive an hour to attend. I think all I did yesterday was run around. We seem to think Kyle might have another bowel infection, we should know results on Wed, pray that its not. I will keep you updated. We hope to get McKyla back at minishcool soon and we are going to try to get Brooke to CCD this Wednesday. We want to thank everyone who sent love and prayers our way. Thanks to Brian Weatherly for feeding our dogs, Thanks to the Wrinkle's for mowing the lawn, Thanks to Langdon for all of your help and support. We are glad to be home, we hope this is the first step to getting back in our old routine here in Vernon. Thanks to this very supportive community you do not realize how many people you have in your corner till something like this happens, so thank you. We want to thank the Larson's for letting us stay in their beautiful home this last month, Kyla says she now has 2 homes one in Vernon and one at Marybeth's! Well I better get back to this house work since the maid isn't coming!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weather Upset

Well we have already labeled today as a lazy day. We were hoping we could go out and look at pick ups but the weather stinks. Instead we will stay in and be lazy! We went to Vernon yesterday to look at more land. Hope we hear something soon because the plans to our house are done!! Yippee. Now if only we had a place to build..hmmmm. Went to see the progress on the shop. Looks really good, coming along fast! Hopefully we will get home this weekend and Brooke will get to start back at Vernon on Monday. Kyle still has not been released for work, but when he does it will still be a slow progression. He will go an hour a day for a couple weeks then slowly increase his stamina. They told him to take it slow and I am sure I am going to have to watch him, because I have never seen Kyle take it slow. The house plans look good, some small changes need to be made but not bad. I sure hope the weather gets nicer fast, I sure have a lot I need to be doing at home to prepare for us being there. Kyle got to get into the new bathroom at our house. Annelle and Larry it worked like a charm! He really liked it and loved that he could actually use it. Job well done, thanks a million! Probably going to get my car equiped with hand controls so Kyle can use it until he gets his pickup. As for me returning to work, we are not sure yet. I would like to get back soon, but can't until Kyle gets a vehicle and we dont know the exact date on that. Until then I have tons of work to do at home. Well i guess thats it for now. Bye Bye

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suprised Again

Well Kyle suprised us again. He did everything he needed in one week instead of two, so he got to come home on Saturday. Therapy said they have never had someone fly thru their program as Kyle did. He finished his driving course as well. We got home from Amarillo at about time for church. We are glad he is home for awhile this time. He will have to go back in 6 months for about a week, but because it falls during the summer, me and the kids get to go with him which will be nice. Then he will go back to Denver every year in July for a checkup. Unfortunately because he came home early I did not get to work on the house so I will try to go up there some this week to get things in order. We hope to have the house ready by the next weekend so we can move back in Sunday and hopefully get Brooke back to school there in Vernon. She is so excited, I think she is more ready to be home than us. I hope to be back at work in Feb. Not sure yet if I will go the first week or the second, kinda depends on when Kyle gets his vehicle. Kyle hopes to go back some time in Feb. but it will only be for an hr a day, then he will build up to a full day. As for today we are just laying around with the kids watching football. I am going for the colts and the saints and naturally Kyle is going for the jets, we will see who wins.

Monday, January 18, 2010

11 Days to Go

Kyle had a good Monday. He didn't have class till 10am so he got to sleep in a little. He said mat class went well. He acted like there are still some familiar faces at Craig. His therapist said that if it wasn't for his driving class he could probably come home this weekend. They act like he is way ahead of where most are. But I think we knew that. He said chair class was actually easy this go round. He has an appointment with the urologist tomorrow so he will miss most of his classes, I hope all goes well. I will be busy later this week with getting our house in order for when he gets home. We hope to be back in Vernon on the 1st of february for good. I am ready to sleep in my own bed. We will cont to count down the days until Kyle is home again. Pray that he has another good day tomorrow. For those who want to send him a card for the short time he is there his address is Craig Hopsital, guest services, Kyle Myers Apt#204 3425 S.Clarkson, Engelwood, CO 80113.
Continue to pray for Shannon, she received good news today. Looks like she will be coming home tomorrow and will not need rehab, seems to be walking and doing ok, not sure yet if or when she will have a 2nd surgery. Goodnight to all.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to Denver We Go

Well the last 2 weeks have flown by. It doesn't even feel like Kyle has been home that long. It seems like we just got settled into some kinda routine. We drove Kyle to Amarillo this morning to catch his flight back to Denver Co. He has come such a long way from where he was 3 months ago. I couldn't be anymore proud of his strength and courage, he inspires me everyday. I am going to miss him like crazy these next two weeks. The good thing is that it is only two weeks not months. I know he will come back even stronger than he did his first go round. He got on the plane at about 5:30 and Erica Larson was there waiting for him. I think this makes her fourth trip to Denver in the last couple of months. I am sure thankful for all of her help and I know Kyle feels the same! Kyle got to Craig this evening at about 7:00pm very tired and in some pain. He said it wasn't as bad as his flight home. As soon as they got there Erica went out and stocked him up on groceries. Erica will be flying back some time tomorrow. Kyle should be busy with classes all week and will be done after about 6pm for those who wish to call. Tomorrow I will post the address. He will be in Denver until Friday the 29th then he gets to come home for good. When he comes home the Welch's should have our bathroom done at home so we can get back to Vernon. Thank you Annelle and Larry for all the hard work and time spent on our bathroom, we appreciate everything yal have done for us!
Well pray that Kyle has a good stay and that he continues to keep his spirit and strength up. Also we send prayers out to Shannon Myers and Family, we hope you continue to heal and get strength and that all works out in due time. I have enjoyed helping watch your little ones this weekend, they miss you tons, and are doing well. Love to you all.

Friday, January 15, 2010

So Busy

This week has been very crazy, we have had Dr. appointments, and tests all week. Tuesday we got to see Dr Reeves once again, under better circumstances this time. He did x-rays and made sure the hard ware in Kyle's back looked good enough to take the brace off, and it did. So we got the brace off. Kyle says it feels good but different. He was a little wobbly at first but like everything else has mastered it over time. He did say that his showers were a lot nicer without the brace. Dr. Reeves was concerned about the swelling of Kyle's feet so he ordered a ultrasound to check for blood clots. The ultrasound on Wednesday looked good , no clots so Dr Reeves started him on a low dose aspirin. Then on Thursday we went to see Dr Lane, he increased Kyle's nerve pain medicine since his nerve pain has really flared up since he has been home. We also did lab work which all came out fine, other then the abdominal x ray. It showed he is still full, I don't know what to think of his bowels, it is so frustrating. We thought we finally had it under control and I guess we don't. On top of all this stress we have been thinking about what to do about the house situation. We are having trouble finding land in Vernon, tx seems as if no one really wants to let go of any and those that do want an arm and a leg for it. Maybe we should just build in Rhineland, I dont know anymore. Well we just thought we would update you a little on how things are going. I take Kyle to the airport on Sunday, the girls won't let me go so I will stay back with them. Write again soon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting into a Routine

Since we have been home it has been tough but I think we have finally fallen into some kinda routine. Things seem to be getting easier, things would be a lot easier if my Kyla bear wasn't coughing up a storm and running a fever. Kyle is finally gotten a routine down and is doing so much better since he has been home. He went to Vernon with his dad today to go help out his school kids. He lives for those kids, I think they have called him all week worried about their projects, so he is on his way to help them out. I am staying home with a sick baby so I thought I would catch you guys up on how things are going. Brooke continues to enjoy school, its nice to see her get on the bus every morning and be here when she gets off. However Kyle and I both agree that we are past ready to get back to Vernon. We are bored out of our minds here!!! Its not home and neither one of us can just run off to work or get busy doing something around the house. Hopefully we will know something in a couple days as far as the house goes. Kyle has an appointment on Tues with Dr Reeves, we will know then if the brace can come off. I imagine that will be a relief for Kyle, it looks uncomfortable. He has also been getting ready for his next trip. He will be flying out of Amarillo on Sunday the 17th headed back to Colorado. This trip seems to be better on him for the fact that he will only be there 2 weeks as opposed to 2 1/2 months. Hopefully when he gets home that time we will be back at home in Vernon, which should be nice for all of us. I know I am ready to get back to work. Well its Kyla's nap time so I will write again soon.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots of Changes

Well since we have been home it has been a little tough. I guess we thought that being home would be great, but we didnt think about all the little stuff. Our house right now is not working for us so we are currently living at Marybeth's house in Rhineland. We are so greatful to be able to stay here, we have a loving family around us and a nice roomy house that is accessible to Kyle. Thank you Larson Family, you have all been so good to us. Since we moved in getting around has been easier for Kyle, he has everything he needs here. Hopefully we can get family started on our bathroom so it will work for Kyle when he comes back from CO. Then we will decide what to do on the house situation. I am hoping to get back to work in Feb and hopefully I can help out part time a little in a couple of weeks. Lord knows I am ready to work, I am going crazy here in this house! Kyle went up to the shop a couple of days ago to help the kids out on their projects. I don't know who was more excited the kids or Kyle. Needless to say I had to pull him out of the shop because it was so late. Kyle was impressed with how hard the kids seem to be working, he says keep up the good work. Well my kids are screaming and fighting so I better go check on them!