Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weather Upset

Well we have already labeled today as a lazy day. We were hoping we could go out and look at pick ups but the weather stinks. Instead we will stay in and be lazy! We went to Vernon yesterday to look at more land. Hope we hear something soon because the plans to our house are done!! Yippee. Now if only we had a place to build..hmmmm. Went to see the progress on the shop. Looks really good, coming along fast! Hopefully we will get home this weekend and Brooke will get to start back at Vernon on Monday. Kyle still has not been released for work, but when he does it will still be a slow progression. He will go an hour a day for a couple weeks then slowly increase his stamina. They told him to take it slow and I am sure I am going to have to watch him, because I have never seen Kyle take it slow. The house plans look good, some small changes need to be made but not bad. I sure hope the weather gets nicer fast, I sure have a lot I need to be doing at home to prepare for us being there. Kyle got to get into the new bathroom at our house. Annelle and Larry it worked like a charm! He really liked it and loved that he could actually use it. Job well done, thanks a million! Probably going to get my car equiped with hand controls so Kyle can use it until he gets his pickup. As for me returning to work, we are not sure yet. I would like to get back soon, but can't until Kyle gets a vehicle and we dont know the exact date on that. Until then I have tons of work to do at home. Well i guess thats it for now. Bye Bye

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  1. Please let us know when Brooke is ready to come back to her Kindergarten religious ed class at Holy Family!!! Come find Sue or myself, we are usually eating in the parish hall between 5-6. We want to welcome her back!!! Your friends at Holy Family