Friday, January 15, 2010

So Busy

This week has been very crazy, we have had Dr. appointments, and tests all week. Tuesday we got to see Dr Reeves once again, under better circumstances this time. He did x-rays and made sure the hard ware in Kyle's back looked good enough to take the brace off, and it did. So we got the brace off. Kyle says it feels good but different. He was a little wobbly at first but like everything else has mastered it over time. He did say that his showers were a lot nicer without the brace. Dr. Reeves was concerned about the swelling of Kyle's feet so he ordered a ultrasound to check for blood clots. The ultrasound on Wednesday looked good , no clots so Dr Reeves started him on a low dose aspirin. Then on Thursday we went to see Dr Lane, he increased Kyle's nerve pain medicine since his nerve pain has really flared up since he has been home. We also did lab work which all came out fine, other then the abdominal x ray. It showed he is still full, I don't know what to think of his bowels, it is so frustrating. We thought we finally had it under control and I guess we don't. On top of all this stress we have been thinking about what to do about the house situation. We are having trouble finding land in Vernon, tx seems as if no one really wants to let go of any and those that do want an arm and a leg for it. Maybe we should just build in Rhineland, I dont know anymore. Well we just thought we would update you a little on how things are going. I take Kyle to the airport on Sunday, the girls won't let me go so I will stay back with them. Write again soon.

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