Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well its been awhile since my last post so I thought I would catch you guys up on whats been going on. Kyle's pickup is finally here, now we will take it to Lubbock for modifications some time next week. We went and saw Dr Reeves on Tuesday. He said everything looked good. He added some strong muscle relaxants to see if they can help Kyle with his pain, since he is still hurting pretty bad. Kyle also has to start therapy some time soon since he has tendonitis in his shoulders, also causing him lots of pain. As far as bowel and bladder, not great, but not as bad as it was in the begining. Everybody has been wondering and asking when he will go back to work. We are still negotiating that. None of his equipment is here yet, none of it is in place. When Kyle gets back to work there is no doubt in my mind or his that he will be able to do the job he did before, he will just have to go about it in a different way and need some different equipment to help him. He however, WILL NOT need a sitter or someone to do his job for him!! When he comes back full time he should be able to do things INDEPENDENTLY! After all I believe that is the reason we were sent to Craig. I feel as if some people do not understand exactly what a day is like for someone who has this kind of injury. They do not realize that it can take a spinal cord patient anywhere from 2-4 hours to just get dressed and ready in the AM and this is without kids. Kyle stretches every morning to get his muscles loose and ready for the day. He now has to plan his day out as far as when and what to eat along with catheterization times. Even with all this he seems to me managing ok and getting faster everyday. The one thing about a lot of people with Kyle's injury is that although they may at times ask for help, they do not want to feel even more disabled by people assuming they want others to do the work that they can do if given the right tools.

As for me, well I believe its time for me to get back to work, so I start this weekend. I kinda have mixed emotions. I feel like my job was one of the things that defined me, so I will be glad to get back to that. But because I have to leave at 600 am that leaves Kyle not only getting himself ready but getting the girls up and ready as well. I know he can do it, I just hate that he has to. As soon as his pick up gets done, he will be taking them to school as well, this will mean he will need to be up about 430 or 500am til he gets it down. Until his pickup gets done friends and family will be dropping the girls off at school and picking them up. Thank god for friends and family. I think the girls will be going to nana's this weekend while I work. Its been a few weeks since they have been there and we are all in need. Well I need to get the laundry done before I start work sat. and since there is so much of it I better start now!!