Monday, August 16, 2010

Test Results

Kyle's Renal ultraasound went well this am , they said it looked good. They did his sensory test again, no change in sensations. Same prognosis. They were impressed with some of his building skills. Dr. Maerz says everything looks good, he took him off of some of his medications which made kyle's day. He said his bowels and bladder look ok, he will see the urologist this week as well. Full day tomorrow, but hopefully we can leave here Friday morning and be back Saturday sometime.
The weather has been very cool today, in the 60's now. It has been cloudy and raining most of the day. We have caught up on some of the movies we wanted to see due to the rain. Hopefully it will be nice tomorrow so we can get out a little. The girls are enjoying getting away with murder since mamaw is in charge, I hope she is working on getting them to bed at a descent hour since school is next week. Well time to get back to my movie!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back in Colorado

So we are writing from Colorado once again. Kyle has to come back once a year for a re-eval,where he will go through all these tests and make sure he is in good health and see if there are any changes in his condition. We left Sat about noon and got here today at about 230. Since we dont plan anything, we thought we would stop halfway and get a motel, only to find that every motel between Amarillo and New Mexico was completely booked. At midnight we finally found a place to stay, it was the only room available, it apparently was a honeymoon suite that they were not renting out because the jacuzzi in room was broke, we got a discount and to be honest we didnt really care as long as it had a bed!! Colorado looks so much better without all the snow. The mountains are beautiful and green and the temperature is even better. It got up to 82 degrees today and was 65 or so about noon, the weather is definetly a lot nicer this go round. In fact the whole trip seems nicer this time. We have had 10 months to think and grow since the last time we were here. We are here under different circumstances. We have made lots of changes through this, but we have made it through what many call the hardest part. You definetly have a different view of all the people here in their chairs for the first time and their braces, we know where you are coming from. You just want to tell them it will all work out, but ten months ago that was the last thing I wanted to hear.

The girls are home with mom, I didn't think they wanted to be in Dr's offices all week especially the week before school. Putze, Kyle said that he didn't plan when we were coming up here but he is glad he is not in in-service this week. He said if it weren't for you damn administrators he wouldnt have to go anyway!

Our house is moving fast! When we get home they should have the roof on and the concrete for Kyle's barn. Logsdon and his crew having been moving fast! They still are hoping we get in by Thanksgiving, so Calina I hope you have been doing some shopping, because it won't be long before you are picking out colors for the walls!

Well I guess I better get to bed, Kyle has some tests they are doing on his kidneys in the am so we need some rest!