Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suprised Again

Well Kyle suprised us again. He did everything he needed in one week instead of two, so he got to come home on Saturday. Therapy said they have never had someone fly thru their program as Kyle did. He finished his driving course as well. We got home from Amarillo at about time for church. We are glad he is home for awhile this time. He will have to go back in 6 months for about a week, but because it falls during the summer, me and the kids get to go with him which will be nice. Then he will go back to Denver every year in July for a checkup. Unfortunately because he came home early I did not get to work on the house so I will try to go up there some this week to get things in order. We hope to have the house ready by the next weekend so we can move back in Sunday and hopefully get Brooke back to school there in Vernon. She is so excited, I think she is more ready to be home than us. I hope to be back at work in Feb. Not sure yet if I will go the first week or the second, kinda depends on when Kyle gets his vehicle. Kyle hopes to go back some time in Feb. but it will only be for an hr a day, then he will build up to a full day. As for today we are just laying around with the kids watching football. I am going for the colts and the saints and naturally Kyle is going for the jets, we will see who wins.

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