Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting into a Routine

Since we have been home it has been tough but I think we have finally fallen into some kinda routine. Things seem to be getting easier, things would be a lot easier if my Kyla bear wasn't coughing up a storm and running a fever. Kyle is finally gotten a routine down and is doing so much better since he has been home. He went to Vernon with his dad today to go help out his school kids. He lives for those kids, I think they have called him all week worried about their projects, so he is on his way to help them out. I am staying home with a sick baby so I thought I would catch you guys up on how things are going. Brooke continues to enjoy school, its nice to see her get on the bus every morning and be here when she gets off. However Kyle and I both agree that we are past ready to get back to Vernon. We are bored out of our minds here!!! Its not home and neither one of us can just run off to work or get busy doing something around the house. Hopefully we will know something in a couple days as far as the house goes. Kyle has an appointment on Tues with Dr Reeves, we will know then if the brace can come off. I imagine that will be a relief for Kyle, it looks uncomfortable. He has also been getting ready for his next trip. He will be flying out of Amarillo on Sunday the 17th headed back to Colorado. This trip seems to be better on him for the fact that he will only be there 2 weeks as opposed to 2 1/2 months. Hopefully when he gets home that time we will be back at home in Vernon, which should be nice for all of us. I know I am ready to get back to work. Well its Kyla's nap time so I will write again soon.

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