Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally Home

After a long 3 1/2 months we are all finally home together in Vernon America. Who knew you could be so excited to be back in Vernon. We got here Sunday afternoon. Kyle's parents and brother Keith helped us bring all of our crap back, now my house is really a nightmare. When we got home we noticed that one of the trees in the backyard had fallen over our fence and demolished the girl's wooden swingset. Luckily that was the only damage. I am pretty sure Keith is going to quit coming over because everytime he does he has to do tree work! Thanks Keith. Kyle seems to be able to get around ok, its not ideal but it will work until the new house gets built. We hope to start on that project somewhere around spring break. We are still looking for a vehicle for Kyle we are having problems with the modifications he needs and if he will still be able to pull his trailers. This is the hold up on me returning to work. I am ready but we only have one vehicle now and that really doesn't work. So as soon as we get this ironed out then I will be back at work. Brooke returned to Mrs. Kajs' class on Monday, she was so excited. She said piano was a lot nicer now that she didn't have to drive an hour to attend. I think all I did yesterday was run around. We seem to think Kyle might have another bowel infection, we should know results on Wed, pray that its not. I will keep you updated. We hope to get McKyla back at minishcool soon and we are going to try to get Brooke to CCD this Wednesday. We want to thank everyone who sent love and prayers our way. Thanks to Brian Weatherly for feeding our dogs, Thanks to the Wrinkle's for mowing the lawn, Thanks to Langdon for all of your help and support. We are glad to be home, we hope this is the first step to getting back in our old routine here in Vernon. Thanks to this very supportive community you do not realize how many people you have in your corner till something like this happens, so thank you. We want to thank the Larson's for letting us stay in their beautiful home this last month, Kyla says she now has 2 homes one in Vernon and one at Marybeth's! Well I better get back to this house work since the maid isn't coming!

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  1. GREAT! We'll watch for little Brooke & I'll let her teachers at CCD know!! Welcome Home! Julie & Sue, your Holy Family Church friends