Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well despite the snow we are all feeling a little better today. My family unfortunately had the privelage of catching the stomach bug that is going around, Brooke and I got over it ok but Kyle is still a little down. Better than yesterday but not 100%. It takes him a little longer to shake things since all of this. We also found out that he did have a bowel infection so that is working against us as well. I feel like we take one step forward and 3 steps back. Monday was a really good day, we got to go to the stockshow for awhile and see some of the kids, they all did well. I know Kyle really missed being there this year and I figured it would do him good to go and it did, but then Tues and Wed were terrible days at our house with the virus, now I am wore out and just want to sleep the next 3 away! Whumpo took Brooke to CCd last night which was nice, because I was not up for getting out, and Kyla just couldn't let Brooke go alone so she joined them as well. It was nice to get a couple hours of down time. It seems like I clean and run around all day then the kids get home and there is no time for rest. I wonder if the exhaustion will ever go away. We are ready for some warmer weather that is for sure, I have seen enough snow these last 6 months to last me the rest of my life and then some!
All is going well with the land situation, Kyle is getting closer to designing our dream home and we hope to be closing on the land soon! I think we will appreciate the new house a lot more after living in this one, don't get me wrong I love our house out here but it doesnt work for us anymore. I guess we will probably be selling this one. SO if you know anyone interested dont hesitate to call. Well I have to get back to cleaning and get ready for two girls valentine's parties tomorrow so goodbye.


  1. Hi Erica and Family! We are so glad to have Brooke back in ccd!!! Just to let you know, tonight we are having the sweetheart valentine dinner at the parish hall. If you & Kyle are up to it, it starts at 7. Nice meal, you can bring a bottle of wine if you like and some talks about fitness and heart health. Mainly fun! Also, on 2/24 the ccd classes will begin Stations of the Cross. The 1 & 2nd grade will lead on 2/24 from 6-7. You and Kyle & Kyla are welcome to come anytime! Fish frys start each Friday of Lent beginning 2/19. You can eat in or carry out. I think there are other groups leading Stations of the Cross on Fridays as well. Lots happening, please join us for what you can!! Welcome back! Your Holy Family friends, Julie

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