Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Driving

Well we went to Lubbock yesterday and got hand controls put on my car so Kyle could drive it. It was nice to be able to ride in the passenger seat since I hate driving! I was really impressed at how they work, I don't think I could use the hand controls but kuddos to the people that do! Erica you are definetly right about hitting your knee on them when you get out, I am going to have lots of bruises. LOL
After making the trip to Lubbock I think Kyle has decided that we will not be going to the stockshow. He said he really wants to but that his body is not up for the long drive. Just know he will be with you guys in spirit! Make him proud, I am sure you will do well. Congrats to Stacy and Emily Henry for winning Grand Champion with a pig they raised at the San Antonio Show. Kyle says to remember that we have to little ones that will be showing before to long!
Whumpo, the girls sure have enjoyed you this week, thanks for keeping them for us. I am afraid if it weren't for Pepsi the girls would move right in.
We are hoping to just rest this weekend since we have had such a busy week and prepare for what next week has in store.

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