Friday, February 5, 2010

Land at Last

Well we have finally found a place to build our future home! The COOP had a meeting last night and decided to sell us 5 acres! Woohoo!! It looks like it will be a prime location for our new home! We really want to thank Gene White for helping us out and the Coop for agreeing to sell. I don't think you understand how much stress this takes off of our plates, We will never forget all of your help! Now comes the hard part, choosing blueprints for a house. Kyle has decided to try and draw his own, should be interesting. He just had a meeting with OTR at Craig and will be released to go back to work, all things cooperating, begining of March. The boys at the shop look like they are continuing to make good progress on the flatbead. Kyle is trying to convince me to take him to the ag mech show to watch you guys. We will see how it goes. Things continue to go well. Brooke is still enjoying school. McKyla started minischool yesterday and did better than we all thought. Mrs. Paula she said she still misses you and wants to go back and see you! She still plays school yelling at Analyse and Chandler and Katelyn. It is rather comical. Brooke enjoyed going back to CCD on Wed. Other than my house not being spotless and me not being back at work I kinda feel like we are getting back in our old routine.

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  1. It was GREAT to see Brooke back! She looks really good! Such a rainy night you braved to get her to CCD, thanks so much! We look forward to seeing her again and the whole family! Please let us know if we can do anything! Welcome Back! Julie & Sue, your Holy Family Church friends