Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of the School Year

As you can see we have changed the look of the blog. Even though Kyle's body will still be recovering for the next year and a half I feel as if we have moved on. We have adjusted to the situation and so I felt that the blog needed to look a little more cheerful and bright.

Summer is finally here and we are all excited and ready. As you can tell the girls have already been swimming at the rhineland city pool aka as Aunt Nelle's house. Brooke would probably move there for the summer if I let her. She loves to swim. However this week starts Brooke's tennis camp. She has really enjoyed tennis. After tennis camp Brooke thinks she is moving in with Karley and Nana for the summer, little does she know. Her report card for the year was really good. I am so proud of her. Hard to believe she is a little first grader now. I feel like I missed way too much of this school year. She said she was really going to miss Mrs Kajs. The picture up here is of Brooke and her teacher at their end of year program.

As for Kyla well what can I say she is still onery as ever. She thinks her school is over and now she gets to go to Brooke's school and ride the bus to her daddy's office and get a snack too. She is in for a rude awakening, but I won't drop that bomb until next school year. She is such a busy bee, always getting into something. She loves to dance. Her favorite phrase unfortunately is "What the heck" and every now and then you might hear a cuss word. She repeats everything she hears and she wants to know when is it going to be her birthday because it has been along time since her last birthday. Her favorite movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakal and Mamaw is tired of it! Hold on Mrs Kajs I hope you are ready, I am giving you 2 years to prepare for this one because she is the exact opposite of Brooke. In fact she told us she had already kissed a little boy at school, when we asked her why she said because she wanted to because she liked him. Brooke told her she was gross and that daddy would be mad and Kyla said o-well! I can see Kyle and Kyla going rounds when she is older. She is a mess.

Kyle is adjusting so well. His spirits are like no other. He has worked so hard to get to where he is now and I am proud. He is now full time, he is welding again and still loving it. We haven't heard about his standing wheelchair or how much longer it will be before it gets here, but we are hoping it is soon. He did however get his ATV and it is really nice. He goes next week to get hand controls put in it, but for now Kevin rigged him up a piece of pipe that he uses. Kyle still seems to be having some back and hip pain, but apparently we found that it might be his wheelchair. We have had 3 different therapists say that his wheelchair was ordered in the wrong size and that it could be causing his pain. We go to lubbock June9 to try out new chairs. I hope it is that easy, because I really hate that he has pain. We start our house on Thursday finally. All the paperwork involved is a nightmare, believe me I have no intentions on ever doing this again. I know when its done I will be glad we did this, but for now it is just stressful.

As for me I am still running around with the girls staying busy. I added another job. I now work at wilbarger general as a float nurse, which means I work wherever they need someone. Busy, busy. I was hoping to take a week and go on vacation with Kyle but he isn't quite set on traveling to far yet so we will see. We are still set to go to Denver the week of Aug 15, so I guess that will be our family trip! We have had to make lots of changes but I think we have all adjusted as well as you can in these situations. It has brought us all closer and taught us the hard way about enjoying life each step at a time.

I almost forgot a family member, Zoe! She is just as ornery as Kyla. She is a good dog but she gets into everything and chews on everything, I guess that's just the pup in her. She is at the vet today getting spade, poor Zoe, but lord knows we don't need anymore dogs! She is huge and getting bigger she goes to work with Kyle everyday, she loves to ride in the back of the pick up and listens well, to Kyle that is. She has just as many toys as the girls and leaves them thrown all over the house like the girls, but we love her and the girls wont let us give her away. Kyla has come along way with her. She wrestles with her and rides her and plays fetch with her, so Zoe has been good for her, I think she has been good for all of us. Kyle won't say it but he really enjoys her company.

I will try to keep this blog updated more and provide pics, but I make no promises!


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