Friday, December 25, 2009

Secrets Out

Ok so I am sure everyone knows that Kyle is home by now. We knew for awhile that Kyle would be home on the 23rd for christmas, we just decided to suprise everyone. Because the weather was supposed to be bad on the 23rd Kyle got to come in on the 22nd. He flew out and landed in Amarillo then his aunt Mindy picked him up in Amarillo and drove him the rest of the way. He said the flight was not bad at all thanks to the help of Erica Larson aka world traveler! She made sure Kyle had everything they needed including all of the hospital's supplies as well! LOL Kyle did say that the drive was ok til they got to Ford County then Mindy knew she was in the home stretch! He got home at about 10pm and the entire family was outside of Mary's ready to greet him! I mean just about everyone, and if you know the Myers family that is a lot of people. Needless to say he was very tired and ready for bed. That night his girls never left his side and still really haven't. They got to sleep with daddy and Kyle said that was the best 5 hours of sleep he had in 2 1/2 months. We felt the same. Kyle has now been here about 3 days and has kinda started to settle in. Christmas Eve at Dotmama's was great! Midnight mass was even better. It was nice to have all of us at church as a family again. Kyle will get to be here about 2 more weeks then he has to go back for a couple weeks again, but then we should be done. We have learned so much through this already. We have been through more in the last two months than many couples go through in years! But it always comes down to one thing Family. Without them you are basically lost. We have been able to deal with all of this thanks to our wonderful family. This has made us all stronger, even our kids seem to be adjusting. Brooke is quite the little helper, she is constantly taking care of her daddy, and Kyla, well she is still Kyla, a little firecracker. Daddy doesn't seem to have changed to her. She still crawls up on him and sits on his lap. We hope to get to Vernon soon. We still have to have Christmas at his mom's. Because of all the horrible snow here Keith didn't get to come in for Christmas so hopefully he will get to come in with his family tomorrow. Thats what we get for saying it nevers snows in TX while we were in Denver. It just followed us here. It was never that cold in Denver! The wind chill here is terrible. Well the girls are asleep with Kyle in bed so its now time for me to get to bed as well. Goodnight


  1. THANK YOU JESUS FOR BLESSING MY FRIENDS AT CHRISTMAS IN SUCH A SPECIAL WAY!!! WAY TO GO KYLE!! WELCOME HOME!! I had a sneaking suspicion cuz Libby called to invite you on Christmas day and the hospital had no record of YOU!!!! Freaked her out! So she called me and i told her yall probly pulled a sneaky!!! I'm so proud of you both!
    Love ya
    the fox

  2. Im glad everything is doing good. Thank u 4 posting something I sure besides me alot of us has been waitin on some kind of news. I so happy ya had a good Christmas. May Bless And continue 2 be with u and ur family. Luv Ya

  3. Welcome Home! So Happy For You! Your Holy Family Friends!