Thursday, December 10, 2009

2nd Conference

Yesterday we had our second conference with the team. They all said that one thing is for sure Kyle is one of the hardest working patients they have ever seen. They said even when he feels bad he shows up for all his classes. I am sure this is no news to all those that know him. We are still on for discharge for the 30th due to getting equipment and stuff in before he leaves here. Cathing is still going good. He has already come such a long way. I am coming in next thurs so maybe I can take Brooke to her piano recital on Sat. Maybe I will surprise her. I can't wait to see them but also I hate to leave Kyle. He says he needs this so he can learn to do things by himself. He says he needs to be alone. I am sure he does, but its still hard none the less. His wheelchair should be here the 21st. So he will have a good week to fit it. Therapy went well today, they are planning on doing the ASIA test again next week, to see if he has any sensation coming back. I think they have decided to bring him back in Jan or Feb after his brace comes off to finish out his therapy. It should only be about 2 weeks. It is still cold, here down to -3 degrees out. I heard Brooke had her Christmas Program tonight, I hate that we missed it. This has been the first yr we have missed anything. I heard she did really well. Maybe someone recorded it for me, I bet Shelley did. Kyla told Kyle that she wanted a John Deere tractor for Christmas, she would be her daddy's kid. We are hoping for a good day tomorrow and a warmer day as well.


  1. My heart goes out to you, Erica. Choosing between a spouse and a child is a decision no one would ever want to make. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Very glad your stay in Denver is nearly through, and that you will all be together at home SOON!!! Prayers, your Holy Family Friends!