Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home, got here about 9pm. Thanks Veronica for enduring that really long drive with me. I just talked to Kyle he said he had a really good day. Sore on his bottom looks better. Other than that he said it was a pretty uneventful day. Therapy worked on airline transfers so he will know how to get on the plane when he flies home in a couple of weeks. Missing him dearly already. He is in great hands. I am so excited to get to sleep in my big comfy bed! I should get a good nights rest other than I just unpacked the car and have no idea where to put all this mess. Any ideas? Well I better get to bed I have a long day of cleaning and getting things back in order tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers for the safe return home. Now we all need to pray for Kyle's safe return home! Goodnight

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  1. Erica and kyle, your last few blogs caused my heart to grieve. Sooo much has happened to your sweet family in such a short time and sometimes it seems like it will never get better, huh? Kyle, i always knew you were a pain in the hiney but i never thought your hiney would be a pain!! I will start in praying about that dang ol' sore..that God will start the healing quickly so your homecoming will be on time. you are two of the most courageous people I know. You have been an inspiration to me and sooo many others.
    Kyle I couldn't be more proud of you if you were my own son,(but I have always felt that way). You are so amazing in what you have accomplished these past few months.Your determination has paid off in that you are a prized pupil there at the hospital or maybe i misunderstood and you paid them off!!!Kyle, it was really good to see that sweet face of your on the skype yesterday. I felt like God just reached down and squeezed my heart was so full! YOu look just as handsome as ever and I know it wasnt easy to face all of us goobers at VHS. But you did it!! and with such finesse!! WE WERE ALL SOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU AND HEAR YOUR VOICE! You keep up the good work so you can get home on time. OK? WE all love you kyle, hang in there no matter what!
    the fox