Thursday, December 3, 2009

Maybe An Answer

Well maybe we finally have an answer for all of Kyle's bowel problems, we found out today that he has a bowel infection. This could be why he feels so bad and why they can't control his bowels. They will start him on an antibiodic for it soon. On top of that he has another bladder infection. They started him on an antibiodic for that today as well. Hopefully in a couple of days they will take out this catheter and he can start intermittent catherization which should cut down on the bladder infections! Tomorrow is a big day for Kyle, he not only moves to the east building but he also has to go on his first outing. They are making him go to the mall, of all places. Kyle hates the mall. He said at least he has a chair he will get to sit in and he doesn't have to do all that walking! Maybe he can get me a christmas gift while he is there. I also get to move out of the apartments which should be interesting. I have aquired lots of crap in the little bit of time I have been here.
We are hoping for a good day at the mall tomorrow, so we are going to rest up I think it might be a long day.
I heard the girls had their Christmas program for the church last night. Brooke said she was a sheep I bet she was so cute. They are supposed to go stay with my mom this weekend which should be nice.


  1. Boy, I have to agree with Kyle--the mall--YUK!!!! As much as I like (oops) love to shop, the mall is my LEAST favorite place!!!
    Brooke (& Karley) were both cute little sheep. They did great too--and I have some pics to share. Maybe some of the inlaw blood is helping with the Myers lack of singing ability, cause they were really good! (Yes, you included, Caroline) The crowd is always big, but last nite was even bigger--probably the "morning zoo crew" as the 3-5 yr olds were called. The kids thought the shirts Keith made for the play were "gangsta" too.
    Kyle, I made about an hour in the mall with Whumpo so I know you can handle your outing!! Hope all the meds get you better. We miss you and continue to pray for ya'll!!!
    The Dillards

  2. What a horrible place to send Kyle during SHOPPING season! Oye. Sending many prayers your way.

    Amber Jennings & City View FFA

  3. YIPPPEEEE!!! I have been praying sooooo hard for that stomach of yours!!!I think its all that meanness (sp?)making you sick. I have been waiting for a poitive note on that...seems sometimes God does things just just to make us smile, huh? When I read Ericas note it made me want to HOOOLLLLAAARRR!!!! Maybe now we can get the show on the road and get home!! Hey Kyle! Good luck in the mall..YUK! it makes me want to hurl just to think about it. Libby & Wade were here for Thanksgiving..they said when ya'll got ready to see Denver to call them and they would take ya'll to eat and show you the sights. Please let them do that for you. they really enjoyed meetng you both. I hope Kyle behaved himself. Praying for a good day today!! Erica, keep up the good work with the blog...I know its hard somedays but we are here and ALWAYS anxious to hear ANY news. You always share your heart. THANK YOU for that.
    the fox