Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Release Date

So we got some more bad news. They don't think Kyle is ready to go home so they have pushed the date back to Dec.30. I guess whatever it takes for him to learn everything he needs to learn, its just too bad he might miss Christmas. They say if he can really work he might get out on the 23rd as long as there are no set backs.
Kyle had an ok day, they did another xray on his belly and they actually said it wasn't that bad! Yeah! We move to the east side on Friday. We get to go over more house modifications tomorrow. Its suppposed to snow again tomorrow. Im ready for Texas weather.
I feel as if I have been away from Texas to long so think I might go back home sometime next week stay for a week or so then head back to cold Colorado. I sure am ready to be back in my house in my own bed! I am also ready of course to see my little girls.
Well I haven't eaten yet and Kyle is ready for bed, so I will make this one another short one.


  1. Erica be careful when you come back 2 Texas. We woke up 2 snow here this morning. As 4 Christmas if ya miss it ya can always have your own Christmas when ya get back. At least ya got some good news about his stomach. Luv ya and still praying 4 Ya.

  2. Kyle, if you look up the word PERSEVERE in the ol' Funk and Waggnals, your name would probably be really close by...you persist, you keep at it..you keep on trying..ya hear me. You learn all you can while you are there so you don't have to turn around and go back...you have GOT to get home and straighten out your welding class before it goes KAPUT! You are my heros, Kyle and Erica Myers..you are a bright light shining in the storm and our precious Lord will reward you for your faithfulness to Him!! We are all cheering you on and if I need to..i will get out my pom poms and spandex!! ohhh, thats a vivid image, huh? I am praying, Kyle, as are many others..you behave yourself ya hear! love the fox

  3. Hang in there, the end is in sight!!! Keep focused on the reward for your hard work in coming home!!! We are praying for you! Your friends at Holy Family Church!