Saturday, December 5, 2009

Game Day

Well we got to sleep in this morning which was nice. I think we got up about 9am and started getting ready for the day. We basically just hung out with JB and Erica. We ate burgers for lunch. Then we went downstairs to see the Denver Bronco cheerleaders. Kyle and Justin took their pictures with them and got a calendar. We all agree that they don't have anything on the Cowboy cheerleaders. Then we went outside and Justin showed Kyle is curb skills. Its amazing how he gets around. He makes it all look so easy. Kyle says he hopes he gets to be that good.Even people just outside were watching with amazement at Justins mad skills! He is supposed to come by tomorrow and show Kyle how to transfer in the Tahoe and how he gets dressed and does things. I think it has really helped Kyle to see Justin. Its like he sees it can be done. Justin and Kyle are just very strong and special people if anyone can overcome something like this they can. Its nice to know that Kyle has someone to show him the ropes! Afterwards Erica and I went to Target and bought some board games. We played uno then Erin got here. Let me tell you no one is as competitive as Erin Larson. She won twice, and still said we were cheating! But we had fun. We ate chikfila for supper because Erin was craving it and we can eat it all the time! We watched that close Longhorns game, you should have seen the Larson's all geared up for that game! I was glad they won, I would hate to think of what Erin would do if they lost! All in all it was a good day.We will be sad to see the Larson's head home tomorrow, they have been good company!
It is supposed to snow 4 inches tomorrow, I hate Co. Our girls are staying with mamaw this weekend and sounded as if they were having a good time! I can't wait till we are home with our kids!


  1. so u got 2 c that close game. I was going for Nebrasaka but I didn't want them 2 win becuz My Boy lives in Nebraska but he is the only Longhorn Fan @ his job so if they would have lost they would have ragged on him really bad. So I was glad how it turned out.Tell Kyle to keep up the good work and to hang in there. Luv Ya!

  2. Erin has her daddy's killer instinct on board games. Love her to death, but she and Lu are the biggest board game cheaters. She was just playing a mind game on accussing you guys of cheating :)