Friday, November 6, 2009

Test Drive

Well this morning I didn't really feel great so I stayed in bed a little later than usaual. The nurses had to get Kyle ready for his 9 o'clock class. Guess what they couldn't do it. He showed up tp class 30 min late! I guess I can no longer sleep in. Since it was Friday Kyle had a slower day. For OT he played bowling on the wii while he sat on the edge of the mat and tried to balance himself. Because he still didnt have any results with the bowel program, he was pretty nauseated still and didn't eat much. Even with all that going on he got to pick out 3 new wheelchairs and next week he gets to test drive each one for 24 hours so he can choose the one he will order to bring home.After this was done he got to go lay in bed and physical therapy just worked on his muscles in bed. Then they loaded him up with laxatives again for a third day in a row, but tonight it finally worked!! He is now feeling much better and looking forward to doing more tomorrow.We received the blanket from Koon and Kelly Kyle loves it, he says it was actually a mans color! Thanks to the Zeissel Family for all the goodies, Kyle has already started on his second Reese's! Thanks to all who sent even more cards today. Thanks to the Crowell State Bank for all the pics of you guys supporting Kyle wearing those nice looking t-shirts. Kyle said you guys must not have had much to do that day! He says thats a normal day for Stacy Henry! Haven't talked to the girls today becuase we ate late and showered late, I bet they are fine.
Did I mention 6 more days til we get to see our sweet girls!

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  1. Looks like he had a good day. Tell Kyle that when he has a bad day we all have a bad day and when he has a good day we have a good day because we are by his side. Luv Ya. And 6 days will be here sooner than you think.