Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conference Info

So today was another rough day. Kyle got up this morning and got ready for physical therapy about 9 am. He is having really bad nerve pain so they started him on a pain medication specifally for nerve pain that is different than narcotics. He worked thru his pain for PT and did well. The longer he stayed up the better his pain got. We went outside and enjoyed another beautiful day here. Then we went and ate lunch in the cafeteria. At 1:00 was our conference and this is what they had to say. First of all Kyle has a bladder infection that I am sure is from the foley catheter. They will start treatment on it right away. Second, they say Kyle is not only different and original in spirit but he is in the structure of his body as well. Most peolpe have 7 vertebraes at the neck, which Kyle has, 12 vertebraes in the thoracic region and 5 lumbar vertebraes. Kyle only has 11 thoracic vertebraes so his injury is from T11 to L2. Because of how low his injury is, not only does he have damage to the spinal cord but also to the nerves that control bowel and bladder. Due to this his xray showed that he is abdomen is full due to the flaccid bowels. So they have already started that program. So here is what all of you are waiting for I'm sure is the prognosis. Not good. The Dr here describes Kyle as a level A complete spinal cord injury, which is the lowest the scale goes. That means the chances of him ever walking or being able to use his lower extremeties is very very slim, or as Dr. Maerz calls it a long shot. He did however say it wasn't impossible. He said Dr. Reeves did a wonderful job with the repairment and all looked well. He said that the spinal cord itself does not look as bad as some he has seen, which was good. He told us though he may never be able to walk again he will still be able to do everything he wants in life, and I believe that as well. I could tell by the look on Kyle's face he was upset, and I can't imagine how he must feel. All I can do is listen and give him a shoulder to lean on. The scale they use up here on spinal cord injuries is ABCDE scale with A being the worst and E being completely normal meaning you can use your extremeties. Dr. Maerz says that he will have to wear his brace for 12 weeks and that his status can change over time. Most people start to get something back in 6 months but the window is up to 24 months. We will just take it day by day and work with what he has today. If all of this wasn't enough he went outside for chair class and got nauseated and vomitted everywhere! Now he is in bed resting, finally. They gave him some meds for the nausea, so maybe he will get some much needed rest.
Oh by the way I forgot to mention our discharge date is 12-16-09. Which means we will hopefully be home for christmas!


  1. We're sending many prayers your way! Stay warm in the Colorado weather, and we hope to see you at Christmas!!

  2. Hey!!
    I am praying for ya'll everyday! Stay strong!! I loved getting to see and talk to ya'll on Sunday!! Kyle looked good! Hopefully we will get to see you at Christmas. Keep working hard, Kyle!
    Love, Katelyn Brown

  3. Keep your chin up and keep fighting like a Myers!

  4. Kyle and Erica, stay focused..today was not so good...we are all praying for a GOOD day tomorrow! Keep fighting Kyle...I pray for your strength and courage everyday... you are so special to so many...even to an ol' hag like me!
    Work hard so you both can come home soon...cuz I know you're dying to see that bananna yellow Ag truck!!! HOly Cow..that end of VHS is totally outa control! love ya'll
    the fox

  5. Kyle & Erica,

    Despite the information that the doctors explained to you, try to find some peace in knowing that many, many people are praying for a complete recovery for Kyle. Only God knows the plans that He has in store for Kyle. As I read your blog entry today, a song that our class of '96 sang at our baccalaureate service came to my mind.

    You Are My All in All

    You are my strength when I am weak
    You are the treasure that I seek
    You are my all in all
    Seeking You as a precious jewel
    Lord to give up I'd be a fool
    you are my all in all

    Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name
    Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name

    Taking my sin my cross my shame
    Rising again I bless Your name
    You are my all in all
    When I fall down You pick me up
    When I am dry You fill my cup
    You are my all in all

    We'll continue to pray for God to give both of you the strength you need to make it through each day. Don't give up! God has great things in store for y'all.

    Tara Cottingham

    P.S. Kindergarten music time was fun today! Your daughter is a sweet little girl!

  6. Erica and Kyle, we are still praying for yall, Thinking about yall all the time, we look forward to what you write on here everyday! Remeber God has a plan for everyone! We are here if you need us! Miss yall!!

  7. Keep fighting! Anything is possible! God has PLAN!! Many prayers from Holy Family Church! Thank you for the updates!

  8. Kyle and Erica thanks for the updates. Keep doing your therapy great things happen every day! We here in the cafe miss ya you still have not made me a believer of letting raw beef stay out all night is safe!!!

  9. Kyle and Erica, You are both in our prayers. Keep your heads up and spirits high. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back in town! By the way we started installing the bar joists over your new office and classroom today. If you can provide me with an email address I'll send you pictures of the progress. My email address is freddywilson@verizon.net