Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brighter Tomorrow

Well Kyle had his procedure done this Am instead of this afternoon because Kyle was throwing up this morning and pretty nauseated. The procedure went well and they said they got good results so they think he should be feeling lots better tomorrow. So he didn't go to any therapies today he just layed in bed. He does say that he feels better so hopefully tomorrow he will get more out of therapy. Kyle wants to congratulate the Vernon FFA kids for advancing to area you guys make him proud! Thanks to the ESA Sorority in Quanah for the gas card, it will come in handy for sure. Got to talk to the girls, Kyla bear was tired but talked tons on the phone. She has really come out of her shell. Brooke showed us the turkey they made for us. It was so cute. 1 1/2 days til I see my babies! Lots of Love, Goodnight.


  1. Sound like good news. I'm sure the girls are ready to see ya'll too. I'm glad I won't be there for the good-bye. I hope ya'll have a great day. We are still thinking about ya'll each day and praying for strength. I know ya'll will make it through these long trying days! Is there anything else ya'll need or that we can do? Please let me know.

  2. Kyle,
    We missed you at LDE contests, and your kids did great. The Wichita District is really behind you and your family! Keep up the hard work, and we'll see you down the road!
    Amber Jennings & City View FFA

  3. Kyle, I am soooo proud of your team. I know they have worked hard. Several were here in the office yesterday after the contest and I think they were pretty proud of themselves!! You and Jenny have done an outstsanding job with our FFA program...now if we can only get welding under control. They are wanting to make the drag in your yellow pickup! Soon Mr. Martin will be wearing pink to school!!! Still praying...I can't wait for the girls to get thre to you! Talk about GOOD MEDICINE!!
    love ya both the fox

  4. Hey Guy,
    Thought you would get a kick out of this one. Bus 9 pulls up today and Caden gets off. We go inside for the routine of unloading the backpack, talking about the super dots, and of course discussing discipline. I am doing my normal mom thing by lecturing when Caden says, "Mom, when do I get to learn how to weld?" I had to laugh. You are not even here and still got to my kid. I said I bet soon because I know someone that would love to start you out early. He did not even mention woodshop, horticulture, animal science...WELDING. Guess you will not have to worry about him not getting up to the shop for ag. mech work he wants to start now and he is only 5. Also, he wants to know when you and Erica are going to bring "Brookeee" and "Kyla" to come watch him play basketball. Little bit stuck on himself wouldn't you say. No, he misses y'all along with Ty and I. And by the way, disregard Woody's comments. There was absolutely NO getting along. How did you do it for five years. Stay strong and can't wait to visit on Skype. Hug those 'lil buddies of mine for me. Not a moment without prayers.