Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost Here

So Thanksgiving is almost here and we are ready! I can't wait to see my kiddos! They are leaving at 6 am tomorrow on Keith's watch so about 8am on our watch Kyle says.LOL
Today Kyle did ok he got up and went to all his classes we looked at house modifications we need to make and he got to talk to some people about different resources to help get him back to work! I guess it was a pretty productive day. I got all of our laundry done today so I won't have to do it when the girls are here. Now we just wait.We have our next conference with the team on Dec. 9,2009. They will tell us then if we will meet our discharge date, which I am pretty sure we are not going to do. I think they are shooting for Dec. 23, 2009. Still before christmas hopefully. The bone scan came out negative which was wonderful, now if we can just get his bowels controlled!
Well we are going to try to watch The Biggest Loser so we will talk to yal again tomorrow.


  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with the kids!!

  2. Everyone be careful traveling, there will be lots of traffic, especially on the return trip. But most of all, enjoy being together. Maybe there will be snow to play in. Billie, are there Walmarts in Col.?

  3. Have a wonderful Thankgiving. Luv Ya!!!

  4. Ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the girls! We miss you around here. The guys and Jennifer validated pigs this week. The office smelt GREAT everytime they came in. You need to hurry and get home. I will need someone smiling around here at the stock show!

  5. just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING from my family to yours!! Its gonna be a great day with your family all together! Still praying!
    the fox