Monday, November 16, 2009

Sad Day

Well today was a sad day. Our girls had to go back home today. I think they did better than we did. Kyla was so confused she thought I was going with her. I bawled like a baby. I just heard from Shelley she said the flight home was not as good as the one here. Poor Brooke she threw up on the entire way home from OK City. Shelley said she felt so bad. I sure hope the ride home is beter than the flight. Believe me after my plane ride I feel her pain. They should get home at about midnight. Kyle had a good day today considering it was his first full day. He did well in all his therapies and he got to order his wheelchair. Guess what color he ordered, yup red and black. The girls will be happy its Tech Tech like Kyla would say. Annelle just got here about an hour ago. Kyle says he is wore out and is going to bed early tonight. Maybe he will sleep good. I hope my babies get home safe. I had such a good time with them. I already miss them so much. I only have to make it 2 weeks then they come back for thanksgiving! Yeah! Dotmama sent rice Krispies and more popcorn balls yum! Well tonight is a short one but I am tired and ready for bed so goodnight.


  1. The comments are getting fewer and fewer, but I wanted you to know, from personal experience that there are tons of people out there thinking about you! Blog Spot has a bad history of being really temperamental when it comes to leaving comments. The snow sounds nice, but I can't really same I'm jealous. I'm still trying to figure out why we still have mosquitos in November here in Texas! If i've read your posts right, you are less than a month from home! That has to sound good!
    Keep your spirits up, we are all out here rooting for you...
    Kaitlyn Sosolik

  2. Kyle & Erica,
    Lots of prayers are going up for you both each & every day! Stay strong! If God brings you to it ~~ He will bring you through it!
    Johnny & Nancy Birkenfeld

  3. Boy talk about a 180 turn--from playing with your girls to drill sargent Annelle!!!I sent her plenty of books--so Erica & Kyle--tell her to go read!!HAHAHA!!(just kidding, Nellie)
    Erica, Robert remembers you playing in Rochester, America so don't think Brooke got her competitive spirit just from the Myers's--although we are known for it!!It was that race to the great food Dotmama made--like those popcorn balls you mentioned that made us that way (& fat-haha)
    Praying for ya'llto have a great day!!!
    Robert, Janet, and the River Rats

  4. Kyle and Erica, hang in there...everyone is so proud of you both and we are so proud of your girls. Just remember that God is with you in CO and He is right here in TX with your girls.Pretty amazing isn't it! I am praying that He will fill your hearts with His peace and comfort and that the 2 wks will fly by! My sister and Brother in law enjoyed meeting you both. I filled her in on how Ornery Kyle is..
    we are still praying...stay focused..and hurry home..we miss your face
    the fox

  5. Erica ur mom didnt look tired @ work 2day. She looked better knowing that ya r doing ok and she was so happy 2 c ya. 1 more month and ya will b home with ur girls it will go by fast. take care Luv ya.

  6. Kyle & Erica, I'm going to try this one more time. I have written this same note three times, so I hope I get it done this time.I was in Sam's last Friday ,in a rush as usual, and I saw a line on the other end,that just had a few to check out, so I go rushing down to get in line and I was looking in my purse for my Sam's card and when I looked up the lady in front of me had a KM shirt on. So I told her I liked her shirt and she began to tell me about you and your brother Keith. She stopped and said "Do you know them?" It was so good to see that shirt and to realize that people all over are praying for you and your family. She said she worked for Keith's mother-in-law and her husband was a teacher in Burkburnet Jr. School. She said that you had such a supported family, which I knew already. Glad to hear you enjoyed those little ones. I could take them home with me and really spoil them. Nate has been hoping for a week-end where he could come and see you. Maybe he will get too. Take care kyle and Erica get plenty of rest. Love to you both, Dayle Kuehler