Friday, November 27, 2009

Just Being Mommy

Today was another pretty day outside. Probably the last pretty day for a while. It is supposed to get cold and snow on Sunday. To bad the weather man here isn't as bad as the weather man back at home! Well Kyle has had another good day. He did all his therapies today without any problems. In PT he worked on transferring into a car which was difficult for him you could tell, but he went on and did it no problem. In OT he had an easy day and he got to bake chocolate chip cookies. They were really good, the kids enjoyed them. In wheelchair class they played go ball which is kinda like football but in a wheelchair. Keith even got to get in a wheelchair and play on Kyle's team. They lost but I can't say it was their fault. Keith did say he would no longer come to visit on Fridays because this was more work than he bargained for. He said it even hurt to text thats how sore he was! They had fun even if they didn't win.
Kevin and Shelley and their bunch headed back after lunch today, we hope they get home without any problems, thanks for coming to see us! Kyla has been Kyla and Brooke has been sick most of the day, so for most of the day I just got to be mommy which was really nice. I made her some hot chocolate to see if that would make her feel better. Lets hope it works. I think we are all really tired tonight and hopefully we can all rest up. At least we have the weekend off!

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  1. sounds like a wonderful and fun day. Tell ur family that we will pray 4 them on their way home. God Bless.