Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Staples out, well almost

This morning we woke up to about 4 inches of snow and as the day progressed it was closer to 10 in and by tomorrow we should have 18 inches, but guess what I was warm in all my warm clothes!
Kyle got to sleep in today his therapy didn't start til 11 am and they were going to take his staples out but there was still a little piece that didnt look ready so he has 5 still in. It beats the 30 he had in before and hopefully by Friday the rest will come out and he will finally get to shower. These bed baths are not working for him, you know those Myers boys they have to have like 2 showers a day! Therapy was a little harder today, his arms were really sore so he got really frustrated when he couldn't do his exercises as well as he did them the day before. I am sure this is the first of many frustrations, but he is a fighter so he will push thru.
The therapuetic recreation dept came and visited with us. They are known as the fun group, they do crafts and go on outings such as skiing, canoeing, they go to nuggets basketball games and bronco's games. It is kinda like a way to get out and have fun but it also teaches Kyle how to get around outside the hospital and gets him ready to deal with things when he gets home. I can see him going to many football games but I don't see him canoeing, he is not really a water type guy.
His stamina is getting better he was up all day except maybe 2 hours. Everyday gets a little easier for him as far as pain and stamina. He does say however that his arms feel like jello. The therapists here don't take any excuses and you know Kyle he tries to talk his way out of everything! I think he was really missing the girls today. He said he is ready to see them hopefully that will be real soon because I am ready too! We talked to Brooke today she had just finished her homework and we could hear McKyla in the back ground saying Daddy, Daddy, Daddy so I am sure they are missing him too. I hear they get to go to Whumpo's and eat popsicles after school, wish it was hot enough here for a popsicle.
We got to meet Jeremy Phillips last night, he is Dayle Kuehler's nephew, very nice guy. Talked to him for about 30 min. We also met Kevin Kyzer who is Mrs. Winchester's son, I think. He flies a helicopter for a medical company here, right next door to be exact. He gave Kyle a book called Lone Survivor sounds like a good book. I will probably start reading it to Kyle tomorrow, because I want to read it too. We got cards from the Lutheran Church in Vernon, Nancy Birkenfeld and family, and John Krauss and family. We love reading the cards, its nice to know that so many people care. Thank You.
Let's hope the weather man in Denver is as wrong as the weather man in Texas and the snow will not continue another day.
By the way Halloween over here is like Christmas in Texas, they get way to into it. If you have any ideas on a costume for Kyle we are taking suggestions, try to make it something easy we dont have much time but they say he needs to dress up!


  1. This morning the weather man said you were in for some more snow. We got 1.7" of rain at our house last night. I have not talked to Langdon yet this morning to see what you got out your way. Maybe you can post some good snow pictures for us Texans. Keep up the good work. Theropist are a stuborn bunch. JC tries his best to talk his way out of therapy every chance he gets, but they don't let him get off that easy either. Every great once in awhile they give in. I think he just flashes that cute grin and bats his eyes at them. I would say you could give that a try, but we want you home soon so you better not. Keep warm!

  2. oh my gosh! Imagine Kyle Myers trying to weasle out or something he doesn't want to do!!SHAME ON YOU KYLE! It's not the PROM! We are having red ribbon week and today we have the group KISS with us.(petzold, crockett, d.vargas and littlecreek) they are sooo funny.
    i will try and figure out how to send a pic ok?
    also, i visited with Ms. Taylor a little while ago and she said she has had to put several girls in your welding class!! I called Martin to see how it was going and he said the first day he told them to put on their gloves and one girl responded with "well, umm its not even cold!" Another said "ah man that hat will mess up my do!" I think you are in BIG trouble so you need to hurry home and take control of this place!! I am to the both of you the fox that rox

  3. Erica - Can I please have the address to mail ya'll stuff? Thanks and hope all is well- Lacey Allen Farris

  4. Sounds like they are keeping Kyle in line up there :-) By the way Kyle, I saw your new PINK DODGE pickup today....Looks nice. Think Hunter is going to dress it up a little for you...maybe some A&M decals??? Take care, Get well soon and y'all are in our prayers.