Friday, October 30, 2009

Freaky Friday

It is crazy here! They take Halloween way to serious here, the head DR was a swimmer, no you don't understand he wore a womens swimsuit and thats it! They said last yr he was a baby and all he wore was a diaper, bet he was cold! One of the nurses was a whoopie cushion the PT group was the zombies and Micheal Jackson from thriller, it was great. They had a skit and danced, kinda reminded me of Josh, Lu and Kylie! Kyle had a good day he had to go on a 30 min wheelchair hike up and down ramps and he was timed. He did really well. He got done early so he is back in bed hoping for a nap before supper. Kevin Kyzer came back and visited today he was on duty. We were telling him about how much paw loves his book, he is almost done with it.
Kyle gets all the staples out this afternoon and he gets to take a shower tonight!
All the therapists gave him homework for this weekend and his schedule for next week is getting busier! They say in a couple of weeks he will get up by 8 and be in therapies until at least 4.
Today is a lot warmer and the snow is melting fast, tomorrow is expected to be very pretty here, we will see.


  1. Glad to hear the day was good. It's Halloween, it's supposed to be freaky...just wait until all the ghosts come out tomorrow night. Keeping all of you in our to you all!!!!

  2. A woman's swimsuit?? and that was all?, that is a vivid image! Almost as bad as Ms. Cochran's red, white and blue thong!! Sounds like a happening place! Way to take the ramps, kyle, I'm so proud of you!! Ya'll hang tough, we're still praying!! Hurry home!
    the fox