Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today is the first Halloween we have ever been away from the kids, but I hear mom is showing them a good time in Merkel. They got to go to the carnival last night and mom said they had a good time.

Kyle didn't do as well as he has been, he got up today but is real nauseated so he was only up a couple of hours. We did get to go outside for a little bit, another nice day in Colorado. Nana and I made a snowman yesterday, posted a pic of it up on facebook. I might call Keith and ask him how to post a pic on here so everyone can see it. Got lots of cards today.Got a card from the Vernon ISD school board, Francis and Mary Birkenfeld, Nancy, Junior and Faith Andrade, Heather Brown, Judy and Max Tatum, Betty Geisler and family, Mrs. Cochran and cathy fox, Theresa Bruggeman and Mary Grooves Family. Thanks, Kyle and I look forward to the mail, it keeps us in touch with home! Today is a short blog there just isn't a lot that goes on up here on the weekends.


  1. Kyle and Erica,
    Just found your blog address in the Vernon paper, and wanted to let you both know you are in our prayers at home and at Mini School. remember, God answers prayers, maybe not in the big way we want, but in the little things that we take for granted, so watch for the little things, and the rest will fall in place.
    Take care,
    God Bless both of you,
    Jan Guzman

  2. Hey Guys,
    It is a good thing that I am an ag. teacher and not a technology teacher because this blog thing is kicking my tail. I tried to send a comment now five different times and dreadfully saw the word rejected. You know you are getting older when technology starts leaving you behind. Yes Kyle...I know that I am older than you. Every time that Martin or I talk to you, Kyle, we relay all of the messages to the kids. They just really perk up and imitate what they think you "really said". They love the updates and remarks you send them. We ALL believe in your strength and determination. Erica, the blog has been my first morning ritual when I arrive at school. Yes has been early because your doors just seem to want to open at 7:15. Record for Hunter! The heart-felt writings just make all of us who want to be right there with y'all feel as if we can show our support and love from miles away. Not a moment goes by without prayer! We love you guys.