Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 2 PM

Well Kyle got up in a wheelchair today and got to go workout in the therapy room. He did really well, but is now really tired and hurting pretty good. Maybe he will sleep ok. Weekends at Craig are really uneventful, no therapies and no projects, but he will need the rest because starting Monday his schedule gets really busy!
Let me tell you what not only is Kyle getting a good workout but so am I. I am sore and it just started. I am also very cold by the way. Tonight has been the coldest so far and they say this is nice. After halloween they act like it snows lots-just great!! Another thing, they do not have mexican food places here like back in texas. Everything is fast food kinda like taco bell, which I hate! Well I am going to try to get some sleep so goodnight.

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