Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad News

We started therapy late again today at 11. They worked him out pretty good and then decided to put these electronic stimulators on his thigh muscles to see if he would get some benefit from the bikes. Unfortunately because of how far his level of injury is not only did we do some damage to the spinal cord but we also damaged the nerves that go out into the legs and tell his muscles to contract, so we got no results from the stimulators so the bikes would not work for him. They say the nerves can heal over time but its kinda like the paralysis, we will never know. That was a step in the wrong direction for us. Hopefully in time his nerves will heal along with his spinal cord. We got some more bad news when they called and told us that our house is not at all handicap friendly, which we already knew. Kyle says we should just knock it down and start from scratch! I just want him to have a home he can live and feel comfortable in.
On a different note we got our 18 inches of snow a day early, but it is supposed to warm up this weekend and melt. We got to talk to the girls on skype tonight, it was just what we needed! Brooke talked and talked and talked. We couldn't get Kyla to talk but that is about like Kyla. Karley Sue got to see her Nana she told us the other day she forgot what her Nana looked like! She wanted to know when her nana was coming home. All the girls look like they have grown so much in just these last few weeks! Poor Kevin I just realized he is living with 5 girls!!! OUCH! I heard Kyla got to eat Rodriguez for lunch, lucky her!! Too bad you cant mail Rods huh?
Today we got lots of mail, all our bills from home cards from the Odell Baptist Church, Pat Kuehler and family, Dotmama, Rhineland Catholic CHurch, Amber Reed Family, Valeral Hertel Family, Alpha and Omega Sunday school, and Leo and Pansy Koenig. Thank you for all the wonderful cards, we just started hanging them up so we can be reminded of all the people who love and care for us. If you want to send something to Kyle the address is Craig Hospital C/O Kyle Myers Rm304A 3425 South Clarkson St. Englewood CO. 80113


  1. Kyle and Erica, I am praying that God will do something soooo amazing in Kyle's recovery that everyone who knows him will sit back and say "WOW, only God could have done that!" That is my prayer for ya'll everyday. Hold on to your faith...don't let go! He is still in control...we love ya'll so much...hurry home
    the fox

  2. Kyle and Erica....just want to let you know that you are in our prayers every day. Our family has been so blessed to be lifted up in prayer by so many believers; now your family is the recipient of prayers. Always remember, "With God, all things are possible." Matt. 19:26.
    Larry and Cindy Thompson