Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was a typical Sunday, received communion and prayer this am then basically did nothing. Kyle got up at about 11:30 again and ate a good lunch with us and was shooting for being up four hours today, but since his bowels have been so sluggish they decided to load him up on laxatives! So they had to move him back to bed which was disappointing to him, but he has a busy day tomorrow so he probably needed the rest! His pain is really coming down, today he only had his scheduled pain meds, which is a good thing. We got to watch Facing the Giants which was a really good movie, if you haven't watched it you should. We ate pizza for supper and watched the snow come down! It is 30 degrees here which is way too cold and the only time the snow is pretty is if you are watching it out of your window near a fireplace, other than that it pretty much sucks! I heard the girls were going on a picnic today and were going to eat some of Dotmama's good ole chicken. I also heard it was a beautiful fall day there, go figure!
Tomorrow should be interesting being that Kyle has to be up a little longer than he is used to and has to do therapy at the same time. Hopefully he will do fine. He is a strong guy!


  1. That's good. He'll do good 2morrow cuz he is determend to do good. for his wife and kids. Yea he is srong. God Bless. Luv Ya. Oh the Cowboys kicked butt 2day. 37-21 I thing was the score.

  2. Sounds like yall had a good day! Lova ya!

  3. Erica and Kyle, just wanted you to know that the Cowboy Church prayed for you today...we even threw in a few yeehaws and yippyokyehs!!Soooo glad Kyle had a better day..i'll be praying tomorrow that the laxitives will kick in and the therapy will go well..make him behave!!did ya get the deal set up to talk with and see the girls?? hope so the fox

  4. Erica (& Kyle)
    You are becoming quite the writer.It's like listening to you talk--funny. You bet Kyle looks good--it comes with his name--haha! I am now on skpye--user name is janet,dillard67. don't know what the 67 stands for!haha i can help if needed get it where you can see your girls too. rob is also on skype. i got to see his pretty face today--looked good--lol. i can send you guys some dvds since we are the local dvd store.
    Take care and know you are always in our thoughts and prayers!